New CDC mask guidance could be a big boost for Disney parks

New York (CNN Business) Disney's parks division , one of the company's foundations since the opening of Disneyland in 1955, is trying to rebound after a challenging year that brought extended closures and significant layoffs .
However, the unit received news Thursday that could give Disney's parks a much-needed boost.
In fact, the mask decision could come very soon for Disney.
Starbucks SBUX According to Niles, the mask guidance matters more to Disney tourists than it does to customers at Walmart orbecause of the length of time they have to wear a mask.
He added, "if Disney can get beyond having to require that, that's potentially a big deal for the company."
Disney CEO Bob Chapek said the announcement is "very big news for us" while on the company's earnings call with analysts on Thursday.
This issue could further complicate matters as Disney parks adjust their rules as the pandemic evolves.
"This is not a big deal for, say, a Las Vegas, but for Disney, this is huge," Niles noted.
"The safety of children is probably the biggest issue that's going to affect the success of the Disney theme parks going forward.
They've got to find a way to make parents feel comfortable bringing their kids to a Disney theme park."
And since Disney is such an interconnected company, what happens at the parks division impacts the rest of the business.
So if going maskless helps Disney's parks drive higher attendance, it could help the company's entire media empire rebound after a particularly rough year.