Dr Wen explains how parents with children younger than 12 should use the CDC's new mask guidelines

The CDC's guidance says that unvaccinated people still need to wear masks, which means all of those in the under 12 age group.
We turned to CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen to see what parents and their younger kids can do next.
CNN: What does the CDC's Thursday decision on masking mean for children younger than 12?
The CDC is saying that those who are unvaccinated should still wear masks and socially distance, so nothing changes for our children.
CNN: To confirm, children younger than 12 still need to wear masks, right?
The CDC hasn't changed guidance for unvaccinated children --- or anyone who is unvaccinated.
At the moment, unvaccinated children still need to mask when they can't keep 6 feet away from others.
I'm fine with my kids playing outdoors with other unvaccinated children, without masks, even if they're within 6 feet.
CNN: How should vaccinated parents approach the new CDC guidance, if they have unvaccinated children, including those under age 12, who can't get the vaccine yet?
CNN: What about people who have children 12 and older who get the vaccine, and children younger than 12 who can't yet?
CNN: Can our younger unvaccinated children play with other unvaccinated children?
CNN: What do we know about the dangers of Covid-19 on younger children?