Covid-19 vaccine lotteries were not winners with the unvaccinated

(CNN) Nearly 66 million people in the United States who are eligible still have not gotten vaccinated against Covid-19, no matter how much danger that puts them in and no matter how many incentives or mandates have been thrown at them.
States and public health officials have tried all sorts of novel ideas.
They've offered donuts, beer and even cold hard cash to entice people to get the vaccine.
At least one tactic, lotteries, did not seem to do the trick, according to a new study published Friday.
The study, published in JAMA Health Forum , looked at vaccination records in 19 states that entered people into a cash drawing after they got vaccinated between the end of April and the beginning of July.
The University of Colorado Denver researchers found no statistically significant association between the lotteries and the vaccination rates.
There was "zero difference" in vaccination rates in states that held lotteries compared to those that didn't.