A Black softball player says she was forced to cut off her hair beads at a game. Her family wants to change the rule they say is discriminatory

(CNN) It was her last home softball game of the season, and Nicole Pyles, a sophomore at Durham Hillside High School in North Carolina, had just hit a double.
Her hair, braided with beads and tied in a bun at the bottom of her neck, was the last thing on her mind.
It quickly, however, became a focal point of the April 19 game.
First, a coach on the opposing team claimed they couldn't see her jersey number, Pyles said.
Pyles, 16, said she tucked the braids into her sports bra and continued playing.
But then, later that same inning, it came up again.
A coach on the opposing team pointed out the beads to the umpire, Pyles said.
Beads in hair, according to the rulebook, weren't permitted.
So despite playing four prior games with the beads, the umpire gave Pyles a choice: Either take the beads out, or don't play.
"I asked why is this now an issue ... and he said it's a rule, there's nothing he can do," Pyles told CNN.
So Pyles' said her teammates gathered around, attempting to take the beads out of the hair.
Because they were wound so tightly, they had to cut some of the hair out in order to remove all the beads, Pyles said.