Zit Buys Homes Shares Advice For Selling Your House In Austin

Austin, TX real estate investor Zit Buys Homes LLC is reaching out to local homeowners to explain how they may sell a house fast, no matter what their reason for selling. The company’s services focus almost exclusively on this aspect of real estate, and they are keen to share their insight with their community in the hope that it will help local homeowners find reliable buyers in short order.

In general, the company states that people tend to pick one of three options when they want to sell their house. The first of these options, hiring a real estate broker or agent, may be the most well known and most used across the country. However, the fact that many homeowners will choose to pursue an agent’s assistance does not mean that this is the best option for every seller. In fact, Zit Buys Houses states that there are several mitigating factors that sellers should be aware of.

Zit Buys Homes

A real estate broker’s foremost step will be to place the property on official listings, announcing that it is for sale and potentially attracting the attention of other brokers or buyers who will look over the property to determine whether they are interested in purchasing it. However, despite helping a house attract attention, a broker cannot guarantee that a house will be sold. In worst case scenarios, this can lead to properties languishing on the open market for several months (or even years) before a buyer with clear interest arrives, and the owner may be forced to reduce their asking price during this period in the hope of finally making the sale.

Brokers will also not be able to renovate the house or commit any repairs of their own initiative if such measures are required. The owner will have to invest more money simply to get their house up to an appreciable standard, often followed by additional investments that will be used to beautify the property and increase its curb appeal. In the best case scenario, this still means that the house will remain unsold for some time as it undergoes these repairs. At the same time, Zit Buys Houses observes that many homeowners choose to sell their property because they need a quick injection of funds to take care of an emergency. In such an event, a slow sale will likely make their lives much harder. Read more about a faster alternative here: https://www.zitbuyshomes.com/a-direct-sale-vs-hiring-an-agent-when-selling-your-house-in-austin/.

The second option is for the homeowner to sell the house themselves, but this presents many of the same challenges as with using an agent’s aid. For one, this option likely means that the seller will have to resort to other methods of advertising the sale, such as using internet ads, relying on family and friends to carry the news by word of mouth and so on. This still leaves the seller with a great deal of uncertainty regarding the sale, however, as they have no guarantee that they will have any more luck finding a buyer than they would with a broker — especially if the property owner does not have any prior experience with selling a home.

Fortunately for Austin home sellers, there is a third option that Zit Buys Houses recommends in most circumstances: selling directly to a ‘We buy houses’ investor that can purchase the home quickly without requiring expensive repairs or any further investment from the present owner. Zit Buys Houses is one such investor, a family-owned and locally-operated home buyer that specializes in helping homeowners sell their houses fast in the Austin area.

One of the best advantages of using this method is that a house can be sold quite quickly, no matter what condition it is in. Zit Buys Houses, for instance, is able to assess a property in a matter of days once a seller reaches out to them, following up with a fair offer not long after that is based on the house’s market value (and other factors). Since they are willing to shoulder the cost of renovations and any other investment, the homeowner only has to consider whether they like the company’s offer and want to accept. From there, Zit Buys Houses will undertake all the paperwork and fulfill all legal requirements on the seller’s behalf, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free sales process. However, the company does caution sellers that they should carry out research into any investor they come across. This will help determine whether they are reliable and eliminate the chance of any problems occurring in the future.


Homeowners are welcome to reach out to Jack Rady of Zit Buys House LLC if they wish to learn more about this sales process or have the company come up with an offer for their property. The company’s website also offers more information on the subject as well as their associated services.


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