Zik Analytics Releases Video that Offers Tutorial on eBay Dropshipping

ZIK Analytics, a company based in Paphos, Cyprus, has recently posted a YouTube video that provides step-by-step tutorial on eBay dropshipping. The company is a provider of a potent eBay research software that employs statistical techniques and special computations to allow for quick, powerful, and easy market research. In this particular video, ZIK Analytics CEO Nahar Geva offers a step-by-step guide for drop shipping, which is an order fulfillment approach that allows a store to sell items that it does not have to keep in stock. When using eBay, the customer places an order from the business’ eBay store. Next, the store automatically sends the order to the drop shipping supplier, which will then prepare the item ordered and then ships the item directly to the customer.


Nahar Geva explains that drop shipping on eBay is legal although it is important to know the policies. And in order to start, it is important to have a computer with an Internet connection and to open an eBay account. The next step is to open a Payoneer or Paypal account. This can be done by going to their sites and following the steps provided. Nahar Geva then demonstrates how to connect a Paypal or Payoneer account to a particular business’ eBay store.

Next, Nahar Geva shared how she started her drop shipping business on eBay. This is actually an interesting story and while some details will not be the same, the reasons and motivation will likely be the same for many entrepreneurs and businesses. Nahar was able to grow her business from zero to $5,000 profit per month in just eight months.

In the next part of the video, Nahar Geva explains how to perform product research for the eBay drop shipping business. Here, she outlines how entrepreneurs and businesses can utilize the ZIK Analytics tool to discover other successful eBay dropshippers and how to mirror their successful products in their own eBay stores.

Next, the video that serves as a guide to selling on eBay shows how to list the products found in the business’ or entrepreneur's eBay store. Also discussed are the important factors to take into account in order to optimize the listing in order to maximize the chances for success.

The video also demonstrates how to fulfill a product once it sells. The step by step process to undertake is also explained: how to order the product from the dropship supplier; how to enter the important details of the buyer; and how to track each particular order on eBay, including some key email messages to be sent to the customers to make sure they are updated.

And finally, the video shows how a store progressed in three months based on an actual store owned by Ela. This what entrepreneurs and businesses can expect in their first three months of drop shipping on eBay. The video then recommends viewing another video that demonstrates how to turn a $100 capital into a $15,000 drop shipping business on eBay.

In this other video, viewers need to have a minimum experience of having at least one store that is functional and profitable. But first of all, the video discusses the risks that people will encounter with eBay drop shipping. These risks are: uploading products that are too expensive; neglecting customer service; lack of knowledge on how a store really works; and improper and sometimes overuse of Promoted listings promotions.

It is important to name one’s store, establish one’s policies, and connect with a payment processor. The video then goes on to describe details about the listing plan for each week, from the first week to the third week. Next , the video details what happened in the first month, where sales reached $6,000 to $8,000. In the second month, the store was able to reach $10,000 in sales, and in the third month, they were able to achieve $15,000 in sales.

People who would like to know more about dropshipping on eBay can visit the ZIK Analytics website, or contact them via email.


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