Zik Analytics Publishes Beginners’ Guide To E Bay Dropshipping In 2021

Zik Analytics, a Paphos, Cyprus-based analytics firm, recently launched a new beginners’ guide to eBay dropshipping in 2021. The company uploaded a YouTube video, titled ‘How To Start eBay Dropshipping As A Beginner in 2021,’ which goes into great detail about what dropshipping is, how to use it to one’s advantage and what to avoid when using the service in 2021.

Dropshipping, also known as product sourcing, is the process of buying stock from a supplier and then working with said supplier to deliver products directly to buyers without the products ever having to go from the supplier to the seller and on to the buyer. eBay allows sellers to use dropshipping to get products to their customers, but this does not completely absolve the seller from responsibility. The seller is still responsible for ensuring that the products get from the wholesale supplier to their customers safely (and within the timeframe they have agreed upon with their customers). Dropshipping can make getting products to buyers a lot more convenient and even cheaper in some cases as there is no need to get the product shipped from the supplier to the seller. It is often a lot faster in situations where the supplier is closer to the buyer than the seller.

eBay’s dropshipping policy goes beyond simply holding the seller responsible for getting products to customers safely. There are a number of approved suppliers that one can use. However, listing an item on eBay and then purchasing the item from another retailer or marketplace that ships directly to the customer is not allowed. Sellers that participate in activities that violate eBay policy may find a number of restrictions placed on their account, including an ending or cancellation of their listings, lowering of their seller rating, restrictions on buying or selling and a number of other penalties.

Zik Analytics’ video also talks about some of the suppliers that are allowed on eBay. There are a number of aspects one must consider when choosing a supplier. Firstly, it is important to pick a supplier that ships from a warehouse which the seller can get the address for. Suppliers like Amazon, for example, work with multiple warehouses — which makes it impossible to keep track of where the product is shipping from. Secondly, the shipping package needs to be considered. It is important to ensure that one’s business information is included on the packaging instead of the supplier’s information.

“Dropshipping is an incredibly powerful product delivery tool,” says Zik Analytics. “However, you need to be sure you can trust your supplier and be sure that your products arrive in good condition, in a clean box with your company information on the box. The biggest advantage of selling on eBay is that you can sell to people all over the world, and you have access to every bit of information about each product you sell letting you know what sells, where it sells and how to sell it.”

The video also explains how products can be found manually. Sellers can always use ZikAnalytics for eBay, but there are a number of other options available. The video mentions CJ dropshipping, a supplier which allows sellers to send a request for an item and then ship the item immediately from their warehouse to the customer. The video also mentions Inventory Source, a piece of software that is connected to a number of wholesale suppliers in the United States. Lastly, one can use Google to search for local wholesale suppliers.

Eventually, the video explains how one may get started with dropshipping. The first requirement is an eBay account. In order to start using dropshipping on eBay, one must have an eBay account as well as a PayPal account and a bank account. Requirements may vary by region, and it is important to know how financial transactions involving eBay are handled in one’s region.

Find out more about dropshipping through Zik Analytics’ guide. In addition to the video, it provides all the information one might need to either start dropshipping or become more efficient at it. See more here: A Definitive guide for Dropshipping on eBay in 2021 by Zik Analytics.



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