Zik Analytics: How To Make £100 Through Dropshipping On eBay UK

Paphos, Cyprus based Zik Analytics is taking steps to educate their community on how they may make over £100 per day by dropshipping on eBay UK. As part of their efforts, the company has already published a video detailing this process through their official Youtube channel. Interested parties are welcome to watch the video at their convenience and then direct any further inquiries to the company’s representatives.

Titled ‘3 Tips to Earn £100 Per Day Dropshipping on eBay UK’ and hosted by Ela Cano of Zik Analytics, the video is part of a series the company regularly publishes that teaches their community how to make money through eBay. Notably, one of the core aspects of their videos is that they share the experiences of real individuals who have attempted these strategies, thereby giving viewers a closer look at what results they may expect when they try the company’s suggestions on their own.

UK Dropshipping

In this video, Zik Analytics sources their information from Sarwar Uddin from The Financial Freedom Network, who is widely recognized for his willingness to explore the myriad means by which an individual may earn money through less conventional yet highly practical mreans. Like Zik Analytics, The Financial Freedom Network also has many videos that cover UK dropshipping (among many other topics that serve to teach how one may bolster their financial resources).

Uddin makes a strong assertion on camera in Zik Analytics’ video, stating that making more than £100 a day is actually quite a feasible goal. However, there are certain strategies that make this more likely to occur. Similarly, there are certain pitfalls an individual should look out for in order to avoid sabotaging their own efforts.

For the first tip, Cano says, “When it comes to the people who are selling on the eBay UK market, using UK suppliers, avoid what US sellers are doing.” According to Cano, the reason for this is that the US is a huge market with sellers from both the US and UK as well as the rest of the world doing their best to find a place within it. As a result, the marketplace is highly competitive to begin with, but Cano warns that sellers in the UK also run a greater risk of having their listings ‘sniped,’ which is to say that their listings may be copied. Learn more at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgzA5kWJi8VaUI4-quN4AaABCQ.

The UK alone is a large market as well — with similar risks, but these risks are quite small when compared to the depth of the US market. There is a lot of potential in the UK, however, especially since there are not as many sellers in this market. “So, it is not as easy to snipe products or find other sellers,” Cano concludes. Once suitable products are found, Cano advises that people list generic items that are not linked to any suitable brand. Furniture and household goods, for instance, are known to do really well. She also says a seller can get these items listed on eBay and put up anywhere between a 20-40% markup, following which they can optimize the title of the listing through the Zik Analytics title builder.

The company’s second tip is to use a specific website: Complete Savings. This website is only available for those who live in the UK, and it has a rather complicated sign up process (which is elaborated on further in the video). However, the benefit of using this website is that it has thousands of retailers, each of whom offer a 10% cashback. As Cano notes, “This is a really good way of maximising your profit.”

The last tip also utilises the Complete Savings website to make the seller’s efforts more effective — sellers are advised to mix their eBay business with physical products. The website has a voucher section that offers great deals on numerous items. These vouchers offer the seller a way to save money on their investment that has the added bonus of stacking with the site’s overall 10% cashback policy. Cano observes that, “you can really double dip when you buy these products.” Physical products of this nature can also be listed for (and mixed with existing) eBay dropshipping, thereby maximising profits. Watch the video in full at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMV80ouxmy4.


Further inquiries may be directed to Nahar Geva of Zik Analytics. Sellers are also welcome to browse the company’s Youtube channel for many more informative videos on the subject of eBay dropshipping and so on.


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