Zenapet Uses New Approach to Vitamins for Dogs

Zenapet has revealed that they have been using a new approach to vitamins for dogs, such as their Hip & Joint along with their Immune Support formulas. This new approach makes use of synergistically blended superfoods, rather than adding isolated vitamins and fillers, to achieve optimum health benefits, such as improved digestion, healthier skin, and coat, relief from allergies, enhanced energy, better heart health, and more. Zenapet is pointing out that their philosophy is to only make supplements that are also human-grade because their motto is “We wouldn’t give to our pets what we wouldn’t take ourselves.” It should be noted that these superfood-based supplements are best when added to a high-quality diet to boost functionality in all bodily systems.

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Joint Support for Dogs

Preventing disease is the key idea behind supplements. Thus, Zenapet's high-quality superfood supplements for dogs, like their Hip & Joint formula, for example, can be given to dogs even before they have any signs or symptoms of joint issues (arthritis, dysplasia) because the supplement may help in keeping the joints healthy. Before the onset of any disease. Superfoods are nutrients that can benefit several systems of the body and may help in preventing chronic diseases that often arise in conjunction with aging.

Caren Collins, a spokesperson for Zenapet, says, Each of our products contains ingredients that synergistically act together to provide maximum benefits. Our philosophy is that “less is more.” This is because having a lot of ingredients is not necessarily better but, in fact, can be detrimental to your dog’s health. This is because some supplements may affect the efficacy of others and some vitamins and minerals may impair how other nutrients are absorbed by the body. Thus, we have ensured that the ingredients for a particular product are synergistically blended to provide optimal results.

For example, organic chicken bone broth, which is the primary ingredient of the Zenapet Hip & Joint formula, contains large amounts of glucosamine and also other joint protecting substances like hyaluronic acid and chondroitin. Glucosamine serves an anti-inflammatory ingredient and may thus help in reducing pain while helping in restoring joint health and boosting mobility. Chondroitin may help in enhancing the elasticity in the cartilage and in water retention. It may help in ensuring sufficient shock absorption in the joints, and enough nourishment for the tissues that line the joints.

MSM or methylsulfonylmethane may act as an antioxidant, joint healer, and cell rejuvenator. Thus, it may help in preventing and treating arthritis in dogs. Nutritional yeast may serve as a vital source of proteins and vitamin B12. Inulin is a prebiotic, which is a non-digestible ingredient that promotes the growth of probiotic microorganisms. Bromelain is an enzyme that may help in digestion. And kelp may help in maintaining a healthy and shiny coat and skin for dogs.

The highly positive reviews from customers show how Zenapet Hip & Joint had helped their pets. For instance, Manda A. gave the product a five-star review and said, “Our 13 year old large breed dog was having a lot of trouble getting up and even standing in one place for long periods of time (like when he was eating or drinking). His back hips are worn out and were giving him a lot of trouble. We have tried several other products, but this one is the first one that we have noticed a big difference with….”

Meanwhile, Randy B. also gave the product five stars and said, “We got Bear as a puppy and he is the third Shepard that we bond with. Shepards as a breed are susceptible to hip dysplasia and other dog joint issues. The Zenapet brand not only includes glucosamine for dogs which is a great joint supplement for dogs but also the organic bone broth and nutritional yeast makes a great taste that our Bear really enjoys! He has only been on it for a couple of weeks and we have really noticed his hips don’t bother him as much as they did prior to using Zenapet….”

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