Zenapet Collaborates with Local Doggie Day Care in San Diego

San Diego local canine daycare Wags & Ruffs now offers Zenapet's Superfood Supplements at their location after receiving great feedback from customers about using the products.

A spokesperson for Zenapet talks about the newly formed partnership with Wags & Ruffs by saying, “We are honored to have partnered with such an exciting and vibrant doggie daycare company that genuinely cares about its furry clients and will settle for nothing but the best for them. We are stoked that when they decided to go for the highest quality food supplements for their clients’ pets, they chose Zenapet and our superior line of products. We will be providing Wags & Ruffs and its daytime canine residents with the best immunity-boosting supplements that money can buy. If you have a pet dog that is suffering from allergies or has a poor immune system, it may be a sign that it is not receiving the correct nutrients that it needs. If your dog is lacking nutrition from a balanced diet, you should consider picking out a product from our line of Zenapet Dog Superfood Supplements which include the Dog Vitamins for Hip & Joint and the Zenapet Dog Immune Support Immunity Booster.”

Waggs and Ruffs Doggie Day Care Selfie

Zenapet supplements contain immunity-boosting ingredients that promote a healthy response in dogs to food, skin, seasonal, and environmental allergies. They are made with a powerful blend of mushrooms and plants that supply dogs with a large range of antioxidants to reduce the number of free radicals in their body. Zenapet immune support supplements and hip & joint vitamins are made with the highest quality human-grade ingredients to give pets the best chance of being the healthiest that they can be.

Zenapet Dog Immune Support contains superfood ingredients such as Spirulina, Resveratrol, Beta-Glucan, and Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder. Spirulina is derived from blue-green algae and it helps to increase the protein levels in the body, which in turn, helps dogs to boost their immune system. It is also high in iron, beta-carotene, and vitamin B-12. Resveratrol is found in Japanese knotweed, an herbaceous perennial plant native to East Asia. Resveratrol gives dogs higher levels of antioxidants to fight off damaging free radicals that can age their body. It also increases alertness and gives them an energy boost. Beta-Glucan is a soluble fiber that gives the immune system a lift. When this fiber is absorbed it activates immune cells that help to target and trap foreign invaders that would otherwise harm a dog’s overall health. Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder is rich in vitamins and minerals which in turn help to boost the immune system and fight off foreign invaders.

Dogs who suffer from a broken down immune system will benefit from the antiviral effect the mushrooms have as well as the ability to extend the life of a pet that may be experiencing poor health due to a debilitating disease.

The Zenapet Dog Vitamins for Hip & Joint product was designed using a custom combination of ingredients to optimize effectiveness for dogs who may be suffering from joint pain or may have decreased mobility due to aging. Zenapet Dog Vitamins for Hip & Joint Support contains some of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredients available including Organic Chicken Bone Broth, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Nutritional Yeast, Inulin, Bromelain, and Kelp. The dog vitamins are made with high-grade, human-quality ingredients that are wholly manufactured in the USA. The company makes sure to add no artificial flavors or fillers to the vitamins to keep the experience of consuming them as close as possible to the natural ingredients that go into manufacturing them. The vitamins have been engineered to ease painful inflammation around the joints, allowing dogs to feel more comfortable and be more active.

Readers can contact Zenapet at the toll-free number 1-866-821-3808 from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 6 PM Pacific time for support and inquiries about its products. Those interested in staying up-to-date with the latest news from the company can follow the Zenapet Instagram page. Zenapet says on its website that it is in the progress of formulating another supplement just for cats.


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