Z Double B Offers Siding Solutions In Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood, CO-based Z Double B Inc. is pleased to announce that they will now be offering their siding solutions to residents of Lakewood and the surrounding areas. In general, Z Double B offers homes and businesses access to quality products and services related to siding, doors and windows.

Z Double B is owned by founder Zach Baumann, who was exposed to the construction business from a very young age due to his father being a local tradesman. This helped him gain the skills and knowledge related to the ins and outs of the construction industry. He later went on to study further in the field, and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. With his degree, years of industry experience and AAMA installer certification, Baumann aims to give back to the local community by providing services that his customers can consistently rely on.

The company primarily provides siding services. Their sidings come in a wide variety of brands, styles, materials and price points, and this variety is designed to suit as many tastes and budgets as possible, thereby ensuring that everyone can find a product they like. Their team of experts is always present to help customers choose the ZDB siding most suitable for their home, preferences, style and budget as well. Z Double B also offers a wide variety of doors and windows that come in different styles and materials, and customers may order personalized pieces or express any special requests to the company’s representatives if necessary. Furthermore, their products and services come with a comprehensive installation and manufacturer’s warranty.

As noted on their website, Z Double B aims to provide a reliable service that focuses on addressing the needs of each customer. They strive to do their work in an efficient, effective and timely manner, holding their crew and workforce to the highest standards. They also take it upon themselves to ensure that their contractors are drug-free.

Z Double B’s dedication to providing excellent customer service is also reflected in the way they handle customer questions and concerns. The company patiently takes the time to answer any questions that their customers may have during the buying and installation processes. They make sure to pay close attention to their customers’ requests to ensure that they are fully satisfied with both the workmanship and the end-product. The team is also willing to provide free consultations and Skype meetings so that their customers can better understand the products and services that Z Double B offers. They even pay close attention to the small details — such as bringing in female employees if their customers are not entirely comfortable with allowing a male employee into their house.

Z Double B has received great reviews for their services. Chris White says in a 5-Star Google review, “We requested a quote to fix a window as part of the sales process of our house. Marie was quick to match the color and style of the window and gave us the information to proceed. All in less than one day, from the request for a quote. She is honest and wants things done right, and she is proud of her product. As we proceed forward with the fix, I’m confident that Marie will be there every step of the way. It’s what you want in a company. Marie gets it. She knows sales, construction and truly cares that we’ll have a good outcome. Nice to see, thanks to Z Double B and Marie.”

Meanwhile, PE says in another 5-Star Google review, “Z Double B made my home repair a simple and worry free process. Z Double B makes sure that the job is done right. If there is a problem or warranty issue, it is taken care of promptly and with professionalism. I had Z Double B repair the hail damage that my home received in May 2017. The storm destroyed my roof, several windows and some siding. Zach and his team found additional damage that my adjuster missed and made the process of getting all my repairs completed very clear. I had issues getting my house repaired after the 2009 hail storm, going with Z Double B this time around was the best choice I made. All of the sub's and staff of Z Double B worked hard to make my home beautiful again and did an excellent job communicating with me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Zach and his team and have to several friends who have also had good experiences. It is good to know that there are still contractors that value customer service.”

Customers may head over to Z Double B’s website at https://www.zdoubleb.com/ to learn more about their full range of products and services. They may contact Zach Baumann of Z Double B Inc. for further details as well.


For more information about Z Double B Inc., contact the company here:

Z Double B Inc.
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Z Double B Inc.
12860 W Cedar Dr Unit #110B
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