Yerusalem Lanier, DPM Opens Her 5th Podiatrist Location in Nashville

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee -

Nashville’s own “hometown girl,” Yerusalem Lanier, DPM makes good: Since her triumphant and long-awaited return to the area after her advanced medical training, Yerusalem has been making waves.

Yerusalem (named after the city we know as Jerusalem) did not start in Nashville, but since joining multiple of her siblings to get her undergraduate degree at Fisk University, Nashville is her hometown without a doubt. Fisk is a small but storied Nashville institution of higher learning, well known for providing the foundational education that launches numerous students onto top medical institutions around the country. Yerusalem followed in this tradition by heading off to Kent State Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. She followed this with surgical training outside of Boston, Mass, at St Vincent Hospital. This prestigious placement allowed her to hone all the skills she needed to bring back to Nashville and start her clinic.

Yerusalem founded Cutting Edge Foot and Ankle Clinic in 2019. Since starting with a single employee in a single office, in 3 short years of unending work, Cutting Edge has made a name for itself for friendly, attentive care. Cutting Edge distinguishes itself by providing prompt care for urgent issues, often getting patients in for same-day care of painful conditions like ingrown toenails, wounds, fractures, etc. Understanding that patients need these issues addressed promptly has led local emergency departments and physicians to send patients directly over for the specialty care they need. Not many can wait 3 weeks for an appointment when they are in pain. Predictably, this has led to a full office and more providers and clinics. Yerusalem has met the call by hiring top-notch staff and a team of accomplished surgeons and other providers that share her commitment to patient care and offer an ever-expanding list of specialty procedures. With over 30 employees and 5 podiatric offices across the area, the patients keep lining up.

Dr. Lanier is a tireless advocate for patients and does her best to make herself available as a speaker and also as a mentor. Reach out if you have a group or organization where she might have a role to play. From diabetic patients to athletes, nursing homes, retirement organizations, aspiring medical students, and medical providers interested in growing their practices. Not only for women but yes, especially for women when it comes to mentorship.

Nashville’s Yerusalem Lanier, DPM has been getting a flurry of recognition. She was recently featured on the front cover of Nashville 100 Top Doctors. She is also currently recognized as one of the “3 Best Podiatrists in Nashville, TN”. Yerusalem continues to develop her very own Nashville story.


For more information about Cutting Edge Foot And Ankle Clinic , contact the company here:

Cutting Edge Foot And Ankle Clinic
Dr. Yerusalem Lanier DPM
3443 Dickerson Pike, Suite 740, Nashville, TN 37207