Yelp Reviews Continue to Laud the Overall Roofing Experience That Customers Have Received from Roof.Net is a Fairfax, VA-based roofing company which is no stranger to getting good reviews. One has to look no further than its Google Maps Business Listing for proof of that. On that listing, they average a perfect 5-star rating on some 450 reviews. That is not the only website where the company is well-reviewed either. Evidence of that is two more 5-star reviews were just left on their services on the business overwatch site

The first of the two 5-star Yelp reviews can be seen here at In this review, Derek H. claims, “Great work on our roof! They were able to schedule us quickly after a leak and brought enough people to get the job done fast. High quality, good materials, and I look forward to not worrying about my roof again for 20 years (at least!).” What’s even more interesting here is the owner, Ken Briesemeister’s response to this review as he talks about the approach he takes with all of his roofing jobs. Briesemeister stated, “Everything we did to your home is exactly what I would have done with my own. Your roof has great exhaust ventilation and now your bathroom fans are venting out of the attic. I love the way your home looks and I’m so happy you’re pleased with our service! Thank you very much for your review! Ken.”

The other yelp review was just as complimentary if not more. In that glowing review, Jan D. stated, “I did the research online and picked 2 companies that had 5-Star ratings One of them never bothered to return my call. (No one should ever be too busy to return a call, even if it's just a quick second to say that they can't do it.) Also, two of our neighbors recommended another company who was very nice, but ultimately, I chose My call was returned within an hour by the owner, then later that same day he came by. He was nice, knowledgeable, and told me that I would have a proposal later that day, which I did. His pricing was slightly better than the other company I got a proposal from, but the deciding factor was that I was dealing with the owner of the company. Ken is very hands-on and he kept in touch with me throughout the process. His team showed up when he said they would (I have found that this is not always the case with contractors), and the day after they finished, we had rain so we got to "test" the new roof right away and there were zero problems!” This second Yelp review can be seen here at

Briesemeister says, “We are very proud of all of the 5-star reviews that we have received over the years on our roofing services. Getting 5-star reviews on our roofing jobs is not the sole purpose behind the quality roofing work that my crews and I do but it does mean that we highly satisfied our customer. That for sure is the main goal that we focus on with every roofing project that we do. My crews and I will continue to put in the extra effort it takes to satisfy every single customer that contracts with us to perform roofing work for them.” The company owner is also very proud of the fact that they have a BBB best rating of A+ and have been recognized with several awards for their efforts. This includes being a ‘Best of the Best’ national award winner every year since 2016.

The company owner acknowledged that a large majority of the 5-star reviews that they receive including the above-mentioned ones come after they have done a whole roof replacement for a customer. This is not surprising since this is the company’s bread and butter roofing service. He added that they know the level of dedication it takes to get this type of roofing job done right once a customer with an older or problematic roof commits to getting a roof replacement done. Their roof replacements all start with a thorough inspection of a customer’s roof. This includes walking the entire roof to make sure there are no structural problems and the roof is properly vented so it will not take away from the new roof covering’s useful life. Briesemeister added that getting a whole roof replacement done is the best way for a customer to ensure that they will have a good-looking and watertight roof well into the future.

Those that want more information on whole roof replacements or any of the other roofing services that this company does can call Briesemeister, email him, or they can refer to Roof.Net’s business site here at


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