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Chicago, IL based CWDSC has published new insights on WPX Hosting, a WordPress hosting service. WordPress hosting is a unique sub-category of web hosting that is specifically optimized for WordPress websites. While the results of using such a service may vary, they can drastically improve a website’s user experience when implemented correctly, and CWDSC says it is crucial for businesses to pick a service that adequately matches their needs.

“There are many managed WordPress hosting providers available online,” says the agency in a new article, posted to an online blog space. “When it comes to making the important choice of selecting the right hosting service, you might be a little confused if you do not have the right information. The most important features to look out for include the loading speeds, flexible UI, uptime guarantee and good customer support. There are many other acceptable features that need to be offered by a hosting service provider. This is where WPX Hosting comes in. WPX Hosting is a professionally managed WordPress hosting service with all the important features and more to make sure that your site is running as it should.”

Separately, the company says that WPX Hosting is intriguing for the fact that it offers new users a simple and accessible interface. While the backend of hosting is undoubtedly a complicated field, WPX Hosting simplifies the problem to the point that even relative newcomers will be able to make significant, positive changes from the moment they begin. Further, should they ever find themselves confused by the array of options at their fingertips, they can count on WPX Hosting’s perpetually available support team to lend their expert assistance. Notably, the service proudly claims to offer an average support response time of 30 seconds, around the clock and throughout the year. This means that anyone who needs help with their server’s configuration can expect the service to assign an experienced Support Agent to their ticket almost immediately — no matter where they may be in the world.

CWDSC, which some may know as Chicago Website Design SEO Company, adds that WPX Hosting has one other major advantage that cannot be emphasized enough: it is fast. Along with a reputation for being simple to use and so on, the agency says, “WPX Hosting has been one of the best hosting services because it offers speed in addition to other crucial services. Apart from fast loading time, WPX Hosting has also been praised for having other world-class services including free CDN, great customer support, free SSL, and free and smooth migration. The most important thing is that all these are affordable when compared to other service providers in the industry. This simply means that you will be getting value for your money considering all the features WPX Hosting offers.”

Speed is an extremely important metric because it has a measurable impact on the user experience. Online, a user (particularly one looking for goods and services) will expect a certain degree of quality in their digital experiences. CWDSC points out that users in this position are often quick to get frustrated by poor experiences simply due to the fact that the standard has been set by the most heavily trafficked platforms in the world. In many cases, this is represented by their preferred social media platform, so it is always in a business’ best interests to ensure that their website is as responsive as possible.

In the article, the agency refers to research that found that, “websites that have delays longer than 3 seconds have a bounce rate of over 50%. The bounce rate means that people are leaving as soon as they access the site and it is mostly because of a slow loading page.” Further, given that search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in any business’ online reach, it is necessary for websites to abide by certain standards in order to be favored by the Google search engine. This favorability can be affected by a number of factors that can be difficult to ascertain, but page load speed always has a prominent weight. As such, WPX hosting’s emphasis on speed has a direct positive impact on their client’s websites.

Further details can be found in the full article from CWDSC. Interested parties may also reach out to Jack Lombardi of Chicago Website Design SEO Company for more.


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