WoofPost.Com - Why Dog May Avoid Human Eye Contact

Beverly Hills, CA - For most people and cultures, eye contact is considered a positive thing and is viewed as a way to make a connection with a person. But for dogs, eye contact sends a different message which may not be interpreted as positive.

WoofPost.Com - Why Dog May Avoid Human Eye Contact

Some dogs will respond to direct eye contact from their owners by immediately looking away from. This may be because the dog perceives that someone looking him in the eyes is a threat. In a dog’s world, direct and prolonged eye contact between two dogs is rare.

A dog will stare at another and the other dog will quickly look away as a sign of submission or appeasement. This usually works to lower the tension in this situation and avoid a fight.

So even though eye contact is really not natural to dogs, they often learn that when they do it, good things come of it, such as attention or treats. It’s really important for owners to teach their dog that eye contact is safe, as his reaction could escalate to aggression if he feels threatened enough.

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