WoofPost.Com: Toxic Beauty – Sago Palm Is Deadly For Dogs

Beverly Hills, CA - The Sago palm is a very popular landscaping plant that is in widespread use. Not a true palm, but a Cycad, it is very hardy and can withstand temperatures from 15 dgrees F all the way to 110 degrees F. According to the USDA, the sago palm can be grown in zones 9 to 11 in the United States, and they are commonly used in these areas and are somtimes also grown in pots.


But in spite of it’s beauty and popularity as a landscape plant, the Sago palm is deadly to dogs. All parts of the plant, from leaves, stems, root and fruit are toxic and ingestion is often fatal. The plant is so toxic that a full 75% of dogs who ingest any part of the Sago palm will die, most often of liver failure.

These low growing ornamentals are also commonly used in hotel landscaping, even in pet friendly establishments.

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