WoofPost.Com - How To Make A Canine First Aid Kit

Beverly Hills, CA - There are a lot of first aid kits for dogs on the market but many of these have only the bare minimum when it comes to supplies. Plus, these are not customized to a dog owner’s particular circumstances or breed.

WoofPost.Com - How To Make A First Aid Kit For Your Dog

Many dog owners agree they need to have a first aid kit for their dog, but are at a loss as to what to put in it. Here are is a list of items they should consider:

A-List – this is a list of important phone numbers such as the phone number of the dog owner's regular vet, emergency vet services, animal poison control and animal control. Owners should go ahead right now and put these into their phone’s contact system so they won’t have to look them up.

Box or Bag – a metal or plastic box owners can organize and carry supplies in so the owner has them when they need them. Or some people may want to get a multi-compartment well made nylon bag that can serve the same purpose.

Antibiotic ointment – such as over the counter triple antibiotic ointment to use on wounds before wrapping with a bandage.

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