WoofPost.Com: How To Keep Dogs Entertained During A Quarantine

Laguna Niguel, CA #woofpost - Many dog owners are homebound these days, so this is a perfect time for them to bond with their dogs by teaching them to “shake hands.” This trick is simple and easy for most dogs to learn, and for most owners to teach, if approached correctly. Plus, the dog owner does not need to actually pick up the dog’s paw to teach him to do this. All that is needed is a supply of high value treats and a bit of patience.


The process is very straightforward and begins by the owner having the dog sit in front of them. They then hold a treat in their hand, closing their fingers around it. The next step is holding the hand with the enclosed treat in front of the dog.

Here’s where many dog owners fail, as they give verbal cues too early and demand a response. To succeed, the dog owner must allow the dog to respond however he wants without giving any verbal cues, keeping the hand in place and letting the dog sniff the hand or lick it.

At some point, the dog will lift his paw and place it on the owner’s hand.

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