WoofPost.Com: Dog’s Allergies And What To Do About Them

Laguna Niguel, CA #woofpost - Many people know what seasonal allergies feel like in the spring. Sneezing, itchy red eyes, a dripping nose which won’t stop. In short, misery. Hopefully an antihistamine or even a series of allergy shots can bring relief.


Dogs can also suffer from allergies and they can be of different types. Allergies are human bodies, or dogs’ bodies, reaction to a foreign substance. This reaction is set in motion by the immune system, whose job it is to protect health by keeping out invaders.

There are three major types of allergies in dogs with differing symptoms and these symptoms can often overlap, causing confusion about what is really causing the problem.

The three types of allergies in dogs are skin allergies, food allergies and environmental allergies which is where spring pollen comes in, but there are other causes for environmental allergies as well.

This article will look at each one in turn:

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