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Laguna Niguel, CA - When it comes to caring for their dogs, chances are good that many owners may not think much about their dog’s paw pads. Most owners keep their dog’s nails trimmed but never go beyond that.


Paw pads are the fleshy pads on the bottoms of a dog’s feet, consisting of fatty tissue covered by a layer of pigmented skin, usually either black or pink. These pads work like shock absorbers when the dog walks, runs and jumps. They also help with the dog’s balance and help him get traction on surfaces.

If owners examine their dog’s paw pads, they will notice the pads are likely either smooth or calloused and rough. This is usually a function of the type of surface to which the dog is most often exposed.

If he is a mostly outdoor dog, or one that does a lot of hiking or running with the owner, his pads are likely to be calloused. If he spends most of his time indoors then he may very well have smoother pads.

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