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Laguna Niguel, CA - All dog owners who have taken time to observe their canine companions know that dogs spend a lot of time sleeping. So much so that phrases such as “Let sleeping dogs lie” and “It’s a dog’s life” have become a part of everyday language.


But there are questions about how much sleep is too much, or if a dog really get too much sleep.

An article published on WoofPost.com, It’s a Dog’s Life: Why Dogs Sleep So Much, points out that sleep needs in dogs vary widely, depending on several factors such as breed and age. The article also discusses how owners can tell if their dog is sleeping too much, what this means and what to do about it.

Also published today is a dog exercise guide: “How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?”

WoofPost.com is a comprehensive site for information dog owners can rely on, and includes tips on health, exercise, fun facts, breed profiles and much more.

To access the dogs and sleep article plus the exercise article and more, just go to https://woofpost.com.

WoofPost.com has a free active Facebook Group of dog parents which any dog owner is welcome to join at TheWoofBookGroup.com. The official hashtag for Woof Post is #woofpost.


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