Woods and Day: Three Decades in the Business and Still Counting

Sydney, NSW (September 2021) - Three decades of providing excellent service, and they are not done yet. The following years will be just as much work for this company. Woods and Day Solicitors is a law firm that works to ensure the best possible agreements are in place for every Business. They want their clients' businesses to have all of their bases covered, so they'll thoroughly examine the customer's company from top-to-bottom before helping bring any potential risks under control. The Woods & Day Solicitors debt recovery team has over 30 years of experience and can quickly process high volumes of debts and at a competitive price. They also have migration lawyers who will help provide visa and immigration advice for their clients in clear to understand.

The company's experience includes drafting and advising on commercial leases and management agreements, Agreements for the sale or supply of goods and services, Licensing and agency agreements, Intellectual property and confidentiality agreements, Shareholders agreements, Contracts for the sale of business, distribution and supply agreements, Joint venture agreements, Franchise agreements, Contracts for the sale of land, Public-private partnerships, and Employment agreements.

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 implemented in Australia has altered the trade practices of companies, which is why Woods and Day would be helpful with their expertise on consumer protection laws. They also have experience helping clients navigate unfair competition law and restrictions on trade practices like misleading or deceptive conduct, unconscionable acts such as restraint-of-trade and franchising.

The management can help reduce any company's risk by assessing them from top to bottom and finding any problems that could affect their money on a business level. They want to ensure a strong foundation for every client they work with, so their company would have fewer chances of failing.

Customers can find their place of Business at their three offices around Australia. First is in O'Connell Street, Sydney NSW, the other one is in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC and lastly, North Quay, Brisbane, QLD.


For more information about Woods and Day Solicitors, contact the company here:

Woods and Day Solicitors
Peter Woods
(02) 9299 6111
Level 20/6 O'Connell Street, Sydney NSW 2000