WooCommerce Plugin MyCryptoCheckout Now Supports HODL, Adding More Utility To HODL Token

San Francisco, California -

HODL was recently added to the list of available currencies on MyCryptoCheckout, a WordPress plugin that lets website owners accept cryptocurrency payments.

MyCryptoCheckout is an open-source plugin for WooCommerce, an eCommerce platform that is built on top of WordPress. The inclusion of HODL onto the select list of tokens supported by MyCryptoCheckout makes it more enticing for those who want to use their HODL earnings to buy things online or accept the HODL token as payment. This elusive distinction has added further utility to the HODL cryptocurrency which has been steadily meeting all the goals that it set for itself at inception.

A spokesperson for HODL Token talked about this development by saying, “MyCryptoCheckout is one of the most popular crypto payment options for WordPress sites. WordPress itself, by some estimates, powered over 455 million websites in 2021. So you can imagine how big of a market this opens up for those who are holding on to and want to transact with the HODL token. MyCryptoCheckout is currently active on more than 5000 webshops and it supports more than 204 tokens. So far the app has completed over 500,000 transactions and has processed a total transaction value of more than $125 million. This amount of volume is indicative of the enormous utility that cryptocurrencies provide to internet users all around the world. Now that the HODL token has been added to this exclusive list, it further legitimizes HODL as moving one step closer to being recognized as a currency in the digital space. HODL token owners had been waiting for an easy option to spend their tokens and now that MyCryptoCheckout supports the HODL token, retailers will also find it extremely easy to integrate the option to get paid in the HODL token on their website. We are confident that it is only a matter of time before your favorite online eCommerce store starts accepting payments in the HODL token. HODL added to MyCryptoCheckout is a game-changer for all HODLers as we will see the number of HODLers grow, transaction volume increase, and profits redistributed to the BNB reward pool, increasing rewards for all.”

One of MyCryptoCheckout’s key advantages is that it takes 0% transaction fees which enables retailers to avoid paying a cut to traditional payment processors that deal with fiat currencies such as Stripe or Paypal. The platform enables peer-to-peer payments eliminating the need for a middleman, the exact reason why using it doesn’t require paying transaction fees. The payments go directly from the customer to any of the retailer’s crypto wallets. MyCryptoCheckout can also be connected to exchanges and it allows the instant conversion of selected coins to fiat or stable coins. A MyCryptoCheckout installation is self-hosted, which means that there is no KYC verification necessary. The retailer gets to wholly decide who, what, why, and when to accept donations.

HODL is the longest-serving and highest-paying BNB reward token in the history of crypto. It has a market cap of $1,627,354, the current reward pool stands at 2.06 BNB, and the liquidity pool is worth $379,195. As of the time of writing, approximately 25,180 users own HODL tokens. The aim behind the formation of the HODL token, according to its website, is to give those that hold on to it the ability to get rewarded with BNB and reflections. Readers can find coverage of HODL on Inc.com, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Business Insider, and more.

When asked about where the HODL token goes from here, the company’s spokesperson says, “We are extremely excited about what the future has in store for the token. If you are just finding out about the HODL token, please head over to our website to get an in-depth summary of everything that we offer. You can also check out the whitepaper to understand what makes us so special. We also recommend viewing our roadmap to get a sense of what we are implementing right now and the features that will be available to HODL token users in the future.”


For more information about HODL, contact the company here:

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