Women's Trench Coat Canada - Frank And Oak's Waterpoof Double-Breasted Style Launched

Montreal, Quebec -

The Kapok Trench Coat for women is Canadian fashion brand Frank And Oak’s offering for professionals as well as travellers looking for a water-resistant and wind-resistant garment that also shines in its grace and style. Readers can view the item by heading over to the store’s website at the link: https://ca.frankandoak.com/products/2410148-2gt?

Kapok fibre comes from the fluff surrounding the seed pods of the tropical Ceiba tree. It is buoyant, enabling its use in the very first life jackets. Over the years, kapok fibre has been used extensively as filling in items such as pillows, stuffed toys, mattresses, figurines, and more. It can also be used as a filling for items that provide sound insulation. Its texture and fibrous form are very similar to cotton but with the added advantage that, unlike cotton, it is moisture-resistant and quick-drying.


A spokesperson for Frank And Oak espouses the benefits of the kapok fibre: “Kapok is 5 times lighter than cotton. It is also thermal resistant. These qualities alone make it an ideal component for a robust and resilient material that can meet the demands of most working professionals who want something lightweight yet comfortable and reliable for their daily commute at times when the weather is rough. Moreover, its production also consumes far less water than cotton. Here at Frank And Oak, we have created a symbiosis of old-school wisdom and modern technology to create a material that is 80% organic cotton and 20% kapok fibre by composition. Not only does the combination solve a lot of problems with fully cotton-based clothing, but we can also greatly enhance the capabilities of the final product. The icing on the cake is that the manufacturing techniques used to make the new material also save significant resources. By our estimates, we were able to save 2000 litres of water (equivalent to 12 full bathtubs) using our innovative fabrication process. The result is a fabric that allows the Kapok Trench Coat by Frank And Oak to be naturally thermoregulating, breathable, and biodegradable. It is a win-win and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved. We hope that you will check out the item for yourself and pick one up to enjoy its many benefits.”

The Kapok Trench Coat by Frank And Oak also comes with features such as a lining made with recycled fibres, a modular smart layering system designed to snap together effortlessly, Raglan sleeves, two welt hand pockets with magnetic snaps at the sides, one inside chest pocket, shoulder and sleeve tabs, and a self-tie belt. The double-breasted jacket is also wind-resistant, water-resistant due to the dense fabric used in its construction, and machine washable. Moreover, in line with the company’s goal to create clothing that is manufactured in a sustainable manner, the cotton used in its manufacturing is 100% organic, responsibly grown, and sustainably harvested.

The Kapok Trench Coat for women in feather grey can be purchased online for $269. Customers can even avail of a deferred payment scheme that Frank And Oak makes available where buyers can pay for the item in 4 interest-free instalments of $67.25 each.

The item ships to both Canada and the United States. If customers are not satisfied with the standard shipping option which takes 3 to 5 days for delivery, they can opt for express shipping which delivers the item within 2 to 4 days. Online orders take 2 to 3 days to fulfil. For more information on Frank And Oak's sustainable blazers, coats, overshirts and jackets collection for women visit: https://ca.frankandoak.com/collections/women-outerwear?


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