Woden Dentist: The Right Time To Get Braces For Kids

Phillip, ACT based Acacia Dental Group is drawing their community’s attention to a blog post that explains when kids should get braces. The clinic, which offers a wide variety of dental services, including braces, recognises that this is a difficult subject for parents since a child’s teeth are considered to be in development until a certain age and may not need a dentist’s attention. Titled ‘Securing Your Children’s Smiles,’ the blog post can help clear any questions on the matter.

“Braces for children,” the post says, “is best done at an early age because they help children to eat comfortably and support oral hygiene as the child is growing. While there used to be a stigma surrounding braces, today it is a different story. There are more options available than ever, and many of the children we treat at our practice in Woden wear their braces proudly.” Braces can be perceived as a sort of fashion statement or a sign of growth, the clinic points out, so this is usually not a concern for today’s children.

Kids braces

To begin with, the article says that children should visit the dentist as early as possible once their first set of teeth arrives. While braces will not be a concern for some time, the dentist can still help them keep this set of teeth healthy and give the child some incentive to adopt hygienic habits that will serve them better when their adult teeth come in.

When the child is around seven years of age, however, issues may begin to appear that could interfere with the development of their teeth and jaw. Again, Acacia Dental Group encourages parents to take their children to see the dentist regularly so that these issues can be caught as early as possible. If identified early, a treatment plan can be implemented that will limit the damage the child has to endure as well as minimize the length of recovery. The post also points out that treatment is a simpler process when the jaw bones are still growing.

At Acacia Dental Group, their dentists may consider it prudent to recommend braces for kids if they have gaps, underbites, overbites, crooked teeth and so on. In general, braces are used to correct the alignment of the patient’s teeth, and they come in several varieties: metal, ceramic, clear and lingual. Each has its own strengths.

While dental issues that require braces for correction may begin to present themselves when a child is around seven, the clinic clarifies that the exact age each child needs braces will vary according to their specific needs. This age is simply the best time to check because it is also when their adult teeth are emerging. Furthermore, children will typically not have braces fitted until they are at least 11 years old. Instead, preventative measures will be implemented to minimize the problem until the time is right for braces.

Having worked with Woden residents for more than 30 years, the staff at Acacia Dental Group are highly familiar with the members of their community. As such, children who visit this clinic for their first dental appointment will have the benefit of being taken care of by a team that is already invested in their health and progress.

As Amy C. says in their Google review, “I’ve seen both Dr. Sirisha and Dr. Mallik since I was little, and every time I’ve gone in they have been amazing; from diagnosing a surprising extra tooth when I was little to fixing my chipped tooth and reassuring me during my wisdom tooth extraction. Both the doctors and their administrative staff are wonderful and welcoming, I’m thankful to them everyday for being my dentists!”

Acacia Dental Group understands that parents and children alike will be nervous about any dental procedures they may have to undergo. In order to set all concerns to rest, the clinic warmly invites their community to schedule a consultation with one of their friendly dentists. Here, they can ask as many questions about their dental health and possible treatments as they want, and the answers they receive will come directly from an expert.

Alternatively, more information can be found on the clinic’s official website. Their post on braces for kids, for instance, has even more details that cover the specific manner in which braces are put in, why some braces may be more suitable (or popular) than others and even how they can be paid for.


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