Wise Waterproofing Stresses Importance of the Battery Backup Sump Pump

Wise Waterproofing, a company based in Akron, OH, has recently released a blog post on the importance of battery backup sump pump. A sump pump is a vital part of a basement waterproofing system because without it, water can accumulate there and gradually the water can find its way into the home. The problem with the typical sump pump is that they depend on power from the home’s electric power supply. The problem is that strong storms usually cause power outages, which shuts down the sump pump. That is why having a battery backup for the sump pump is essential to make sure that it will still work even when the power is cut off by the storm.

According to the article, the sump pump backup battery offers several advantages. First of all, they are affordable. Second, they utilize an alternative power source instead of the home’s electric power supply. Third, they continue to work during power outages and tripped breakers. Fourth, they can provide extra power when the main pump requires assistance during heavy flooding or clogged pipes. And finally, they can be installed quickly and easily.

sump pump battery backup diagram

The primary sump pump is connected to home’s power supply and the battery backup for the sump pump automatically kicks in once the electric power supply for the house loses power. The battery backup turns on automatically when the sump pump is not starting properly and the sump pump will function normally while running on the battery backup.

It is important to note that while it is indeed possible for homeowners to install the backup battery themselves, this is not recommended because it serves as the last resort in case of an emergency and it is important to ensure that it is installed correctly. It is therefore advisable to have a waterproofing professional install the battery backup for the sump pump.

The quality of the service they provide is proven by the highly positive reviews they have received from previous customers. For instance, in one of the Google reviews, Gretchen D. gave them five stars and said, “DJ was quick to respond to my call. He was very professional and worked efficiently. I appreciated that he showed up at the times he said he would. Highly recommend.”

They want to point out that the best way to avoid a flooded basement with the resulting damage to valuables is to have a dependable basement waterproofing system. Addressing early indications of water, such as small puddles, mildew, and cracks in the walls is the best way to avoid expensive basement repairs. A waterproofing system is much more affordable than a flooded basement.

Basement waterproofing works in a number of ways. First of all, the basement must be properly constructed. A footer is made during the construction of the house. And then the wall is build on top of the footer, after which the floor for the basement is poured. Outside of the house, a footer tile is installed for the purpose of draining any water that goes to the foundation. Next, loose soil is used to backfill the surrounding area.

The clogged footer tile gets clogged over time and once it is clogged, water will start to build pressure and fill the blocks of the basement foundation with water. The solution for this is to replace the footer tiles but homeowners opt to install a new interior footer tile because it is less costly. And finally, a pressure relief system is installed and this is made up of a sump pump and battery backup. This expels the water away from the foundation and this water is discharged through a downspout.

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