Winter Updates Announced For Scottsdale Golf Courses

The Country Club at DC Ranch, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is pleased to announce their winter updates for the year. The updates cover some of the services that will be offered during the season as well as general announcements and reminders for the community.

The Country Club is pleased to offer wall-to-wall overseed for the winter, and acknowledges that the color provides a wonderful playing surface that is also quite appealing to the eye. The Club also reiterates the Pride of Membership at Country Clubs in Phoenix message to the community, which is to always fix ball marks on greens, use a rake smooth the sand as a courtesy to other players, fix all divots with the sand and seed provided, and most of all, play in four hours or less so that the Club can accommodate more players so they may enjoy their round.

With regards to scheduling on Mondays and closure times for the season, the Club would like to point out that they will be working with their Agronomy team in order to get the necessary practices and projects done. With these increased rounds of players, the Club will be making an additional effort to maintain the grounds for the season. Selected holes on each nine will also be designated exclusively for cart paths every week, and this policy will be introduced to members in the coming days. The GPS system on the carts at their Scottsdale golf courses will be set to discourage cart traffic on those holes. The Club would greatly appreciate the cooperation of their members in following these guidelines.

After an analysis of the current situation, the Club would like to highlight the changes approved by the Board with regards to tee sheets and rules for bookings in an effort to alleviate some of the issues with booking tee times. The Club kindly asks the public to bear in mind that they are doing their best to allow as many members access to the golf course as possible. In an effort to alleviate issues with booking, the following changes will be in effect. First, the use of X's to preserve unstated names in Foretees will be reduced from a 48-hour cancellation to 24 hours. Foretees will permit double tee starts (utilizing both first and tenth tees) on every day except Mondays, which will be single tee starts commencing at 11:30 AM. The golf course will be closed on the first Monday of each month to allow maintenance.

The closing dates are Monday, December 7th; January 4th; February 1st; March 1st; and April 5th. All guest rounds will be restricted until after 12:00 PM on weekends. All cancellations or No Shows within 24 hours of the tee time will be charged a cancellation fee of $50 per member round and/or the appropriate guest fee associated with the reserved tee slot (with no exceptions). These changes will be in effect from the 7th of December 2020. Also, on December 7th, the Club will be changing the time that the tee sheet opens from 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM, and it will remain that way for every day of the week. Learn more here:

The Club has also been in constant communication with many of the other local Scottsdale golf courses and Club professionals in the area, including Silverleaf, Estancia, Desert Highlands, Desert Mountain and Mirabel. These Clubs too have been experiencing the same heavy traffic, with members having similar issues over tee times. The Club would like to acknowledge that the current level of play is not unique regardless of the number of golfing members at the Club. Fortunately, they are all working towards the best solution to the issue and will keep looking for an answer that best accommodates the membership. The Club would also like to state that they appreciate member feedback on all matters pertaining to the Club and take all comments seriously. As such, they would like to encourage the submission of feedback.

To learn more, one may visit the Club’s official website. Melanie Halpert of The Country Club at DC Ranch may be contacted directly via phone or email as well.


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