Windshield Replacement For All San Diego Customers

San Diego, CA based Auto Glass Mart is repairing and replacing windshields for all makes and models of vehicles in the region. The company urges the community not to hesitate to visit its premises in the event their vehicle’s windshield suffers any damage. Auto Glass Mart is accustomed to working on tight schedules, and customers will generally be in and out in short order even if their windshield needs a full replacement. See more here: San Diego Windshield Replacement.

According to the company, a repair job will often take no more than half an hour, and many can even be done faster. Customers often find that the dents and nicks in their windshield have effectively disappeared no more than 15 minutes after the repair is applied, and they can get back on the road right away if they so wish. A replacement, however, may be required for more extensive damage, such as the type that greatly threatens the structural integrity of the windshield as a whole. In such cases, vehicles may need to remain onsite for a while longer.

“The general rule of thumb is to allocate about two hours for your windshield replacement,” the company advises. “Our team can get the job done relatively quickly, but the adhesive and so on needs time to cure before the vehicle can be considered safe to take on the road. This part of the process cannot be rushed, and we prefer to do everything with great care so you will not have to make another trip back. When you trust Auto Glass Mart with your windshield replacement, you can trust in our results.”

Auto Glass Mart recognizes that this delay can be difficult for some customers to work into a busy schedule. As such, the team goes out of their way to accommodate customers with additional needs. All are encouraged to contact Auto Glass Mart today to inquire further. In many cases, customers will find that the company is able to help them out.

“Your decision to invest your time and money with us means a great deal to the team,” states Auto Glass Mart. “Our customers are our lifeblood, and we recognize that recent events have made a number of expenses harder to justify. Hopefully, once you talk to our team and learn why your windshield’s integrity is a vital part of your overall safety on the road, you’ll understand why it is necessary. We are confident our prices will help convince you as well.”

One of the most convincing arguments the company makes is the fact that its team offers a complimentary mobile repair service. Customers who find themselves unable to visit Auto Glass Mart for any reason are welcome to let the company know of their difficulties. A team will be dispatched to fix their windshield on site — anywhere in the San Diego County area.

The company is proud to share that it has earned rave reviews from customers. One in particular draws attention to the personal attention the customer received from beginning to end. “I must mention the customer service rocked,” says the review. “I called in search of windshield glass and didn’t leave a message. They called back. Impressed. Then, they proceeded to give me a price $45.00 less than everyone else. Impressed yet again. Then they came on a Sunday when everyone else said, so sorry you have to wait till at least Monday. Granted, I called on Friday, but it was awesome. Can you gather why I repeat ‘impressed.’ If not, it’s ok. I am.”

The review continues, “Sam was the guy who came to do the job. He was fast, super nice and efficient. Seriously, I am frugal and hate spending money. This place was way cheaper in price but not in customer service. Truly, go here.”

Auto Glass Mart urges the community not to hesitate if a windshield shows a minor or significant problem. The company can repair minor issues and commit full replacements at great rates. Customers are welcome to get in touch over the phone or via email if they have any further questions.


For more information about Auto Glass Mart, contact the company here:

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