Wildout Animal & Pest Removal Tampa Receives Another Stellar Rating

Tampa Bay, Florida. March 19, 2021. The Central Florida Company, Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, announced that it had received another stellar rating. The importance of reviews and ratings was discussed by the company in a previous release.

However, company spokesperson Brent Shiver said when he was interviewed, “I cannot overstate the importance of having good reviews and ratings in social media and search engines. In today’s Internet-driven world, most people looking for products or services first turn to their phones, computers or some other electronic device and look at reviews and ratings.”

Rental Property and Pest Control Image from YouTube Wildout

He continued, “That being the case, it is imperative for any company doing business online to have people who are willing to review and rate it. Fortunately, our customers are doing just that for us.”

This animal removal company in Central Florida prides itself on giving its clients a kind, courteous service while at the same time being humane when it removes the animals. According to the most recent review which can be seen here, Michael L. states, “Always polite and professional when on site at our house, the Wildout Animal & Pest Removal team took out our squirrel problem quickly and efficiently. They inspected, removed and sealed all the areas of our home that critters were accessing. I would highly recommend this business and their team of Josh and Owen.” Mr. L. then proceeded to give the company a five-star rating. It is the highest rating a company can receive in Google My Business.

The company provides services not only in the Tampa area but also in Orlando and Lakeland. It has more plans for expansion during the year so it can cover more areas in Central Florida and bring residents the services for which it has come to be known.

Wildout currently has over 50 five-start ratings. The feedback from its customers, as well as the ratings, help guide the company in understanding whether it is meeting the needs of its customer. Mr. Shiver said, “If we go out to do an animal removal, we need to know how the customer felt during the process. We need to know how they viewed the service they received. We even want to know how they felt about the way we treated the animal. We have an approach that’s client-satisfaction-focused, while not forgetting that the animals deserve to be treated with compassion.”

As the company expands and brings on more animal removal experts, it will continue providing ongoing training so that the service does not suffer due to the expansion. Added Mr. Shiver, “We want to continue receiving stellar ratings and glowing reviews. No, this is not the most glamorous business in the world. But we provide a great service for people when they really need it. In turn, the people we serve provide us with great feedback.”


The company has been working diligently to ensure it satisfies the needs of its customers. For those who would like to know more about Wildout and any of its three locations (Tampa, Orlando, and Lakeland), a quick Google search will take readers to the map of the company and its Google My Business listing. When a person is searching, the other social media profiles of the company, its listing with the Better Business Bureau, and other profiles can be found and quickly researched.


For more information about Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, contact the company here:

Wildout Animal & Pest Removal
Brent Shiver
P.O. Box 272549
Tampa, FL 33688