Wildout Animal & Pest Removal Releases Blog Post on How to Get Rid of Rats

Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, a pest control company based in Tampa, Florida, has recently published a blog post that describes how to get rid of rats using a five-step solution. They want to point out that homeowners need to know how to eliminate rats, especially during the fall and winter seasons when rats tend to search for warmer places to build their nests. A rat infestation can develop into hundreds of thousands of rats in just a few years if they are left on their own. That can result into a lot of damage to the home, aside from the negative impact on the health of those who live in that particular home.

Brent Shiver, President and Operations Manager for Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, says, “We follow a five-step procedure to eliminate rats in your home or business and we offer you complete protection. Rats can carry disease that may affect your family and employees, not to mention the damage that they can cause on your home or office building. Because they tend to chew on things, they can cause damage to wires, pipes, roofs, vents, and other important parts of the home. It has also been estimated that rodents were the cause of 8 percent of all house fires in the US.”

The first step is to determine the source of the problem by finding out how rats are getting inside the house or building. An expert team from Wildout Animal & Pest Removal will pay a visit to the home or building and perform a thorough free inspection. Because there are actually a broad range of potential problem areas, they will inspect the home or building thoroughly.

The second step in the solution for dealing with a rat infestation and put a stop to rat damage to the home or building, is to get rid of all of the rats that have invaded as fast as possible. This process is initiated by using rat traps.

The third step is the eviction process where they control the rodent problem by shutting down all active and potential entry points. It is essential to identify all of the possible entry points, or else rats may continue to gain entry and cause problems for the home or building. The expert team will also place deterrents in certain areas that will discourage rats from wanting to stay in those areas long enough to be able to gnaw their way back in.

The fourth step is population control. This in an important step because rats are capable of gnawing through concrete and steel. Thus, even shutting down all active and potential entry points may not totally prevent rats from coming in if there is a large population of rats on the property. The service provided by Wildout Animal & Pest Removal includes regular monitoring of the rat population around the property. They will also establish a customized rat population reduction plan for the property and make regular adjustments with the goal of finally coming up with the best possible protection for the property while minimizing the negative effects on the environment.

The fifth and final step is to restore the attic, basement, or wherever the rats have established their nests in the home. Rats leave behind scent markers in these places to enable them to find their way home. Furthermore, these scent markers will also attract other rats who will assume that such is a safe environment for them. There will also be a lot of rat feces in the area. Thus, the team from Wildout Animal & Pest Removal will undertake to remove all of the poop and scent markers and restore the area into its original condition. They may also add insulation if required.


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