Why NW Cornea Institute is the Leader in Cornea Research & Treatment in Portland

Portland, Oregon: The NW Cornea Institute is a local private practice in Portland, OR, helping patients suffering from eye diseases and cornea dystrophies. Their team of expert ophthalmologists consistently researches and publishes cutting-edge cornea-related work that enhances the existing knowledge in ophthalmology science.

As Portland’s top ophthalmologists, the team has developed innovative eye surgery techniques, especially for cornea transplant surgery. They work tirelessly to advance people’s understanding of the cornea, in addition to providing life-changing eye treatments to patients in need. The medical group, led by Dr. Terry and Dr. Straiko, is proud to participate in the research for finding new, advanced treatments for eye diseases and traumas.

ophthalmologists at NW Cornea Institute

Throughout their long eye-related medical practice, the NW Cornea Institute has performed thousands of cornea transplant surgeries in Oregon. This groundbreaking procedure has revolutionized corneal transplants by replacing only the diseased portion of the cornea. The result is faster recovery, fewer complications, and better vision for patients.

Today, the ophthalmologists at NW Cornea Institute are dedicated to improving patients' lives through world-class surgery techniques and the latest treatment for all kinds of cornea conditions. What sets this private practice apart is the doctors’ compassionate approach and professionalism to ensure that every patient receives tailored care of the highest quality.

From simple dry eye treatments to complex cataract surgeries, NW Cornea Institute is always on top of the advancements in ophthalmology science. The top treatments performed at the clinic are PRK and LASIK eye surgery, corneal cross-linking, cataract surgery and corneal transplants. Additionally, NW Cornea Institute’s state-of-the-art facility features cutting-edge medical equipment, such as the Star S4IR machine that enables ophthalmologists to provide reliable and effective laser vision correction solutions.

About NW Cornea Institute:

The NW Cornea Institute is a leading private practice specializing in corneal research and eye treatment in Portland, Oregon. Our ophthalmologists have been leaders in their field for more than 27 years, offering eye care of the highest standards. Dedicated to innovation and excellence, the NW Cornea Institute is committed to providing world-class care to patients suffering from all kinds of corneal diseases.


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