WhiteSands Tampa Alcohol and Drug Rehab Encourages Football Fans to Enjoy a Safe and Sober Super Bowl

Tampa - The 55th annual Super Bowl will be held in Tampa, FL this year and will be enjoyed by millions of football fans worldwide. Super Bowl Sunday is typically a day filled with family, friends, laughter, and fun. But for people in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, it can also be a day full of temptation and triggers for relapse.

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab wants to ensure everyone, especially those feeling vulnerable to relapse during the Super Bowl, can enjoy Sunday’s festivities stress-free. To help people navigate the potentially tricky day, WhiteSands has published an article outlining sober-friendly ways to enjoy the big game without the need for alcohol or drugs. Read the full article, here.

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The addiction treatment center is taking the opportunity to remind folks that there are plenty of ways to make Super Bowl celebrations special that don’t involve being intoxicated. Some of their suggestions are easy to follow and taste great.

Hosting a party with “mocktails” instead of cocktails is a fun and delicious way to stay on the right track. For people in recovery, being at a party where others are drinking can be a slippery slope towards relapse. Hosting a party with an alcohol-free “mocktail bar” allows guests to get creative with fresh ingredients, flavors, and garnishes without having to worry about any of it containing alcohol.

Renting a vacation home with a group of friends or family is also a great option. Many vacation homes come with big-screen TVs, game rooms, pool tables, cornhole, or even a swimming pool. These features can add an extra element of fun to your Super Bowl watch party without putting anyone’s sobriety at risk.

Putting out an awesome spread of food is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Food brings people together and a Super Bowl party isn’t complete without a great spread of food. Instead of focusing on the drinks, put the attention on serving guests some impressive snacks, hors d’oeuvres, and maybe even a buffet lunch. For those not savvy in the kitchen, a potluck is an easy way to serve a lot of options with minimal effort from each guest.

Planning games for guests to enjoy. With everyone already in the competitive spirit, it’s a great day to plan some games for your guests to enjoy. An NFL mascot matching game, Super Bowl trivia, charades, and horseshoes are all fun ways for people to relax and share some laughs without the need to have a drink in their hand.

WhiteSands also emphasizes the importance of people in recovery keeping their support system close on days like Super Bowl Sunday, when triggers to drink could be prevalent. It’s a good day to go to a meeting, check-in with your sponsor, and practice all the self-care and coping skills that keep people on track in their recovery.

For anyone currently struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, WhiteSands encourages you to reach out for help. WhiteSands offers inpatient detox and rehab for alcohol and drug addiction in their state of the art Tampa and Fort Myers campuses and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab at 19 locations across the state of Florida.

WhiteSands was founded with the goal of elevating the standard of care in addiction treatment. Since opening their doors in 2013 they’ve helped over 10,000 people struggling with substance abuse and other mental health issues. In addition to consistently receiving high praise from current and former patients online, WhiteSands was recently voted the number one alcohol and drug rehab in the state of Florida by Newsweek magazine. To learn more about what makes WhiteSands special visit their website at https://whitesandstreatment.com/.


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