WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab Continues to Invest in Award Winning Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center

Fort Myers, FL - WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, a premier addiction treatment center, continues to expand and upgrade the amenities they offer patients during their residential stay. The center offers inpatient and outpatient treatment locations throughout Florida where they provide all levels of care, a full continuum of treatment options, and an impressive range of amenities and activities for patients to enjoy.

WhiteSands philosophy is that ‘a comfortable guest makes for a successful patient’. They’ve discovered that when patients are provided with a homelike experience that is not institutionalized they are much more receptive to treatment and recovery outcomes are better as a result. Their impressive inpatient facility spans over a 10-acre campus and features private rooms and a newly-constructed recreation center and athletics complex. It also offers a full range of comprehensive levels of behavioral health care.

WhiteSands Treatment Center Fort myers

WhiteSands Treatment was recently ranked the #1 Addiction Treatment Center in Florida by Newsweek magazine for the second year in a row. They earned this ranking partly due to the amenities provided which are designed to enhance the patient experience. Not only do they offer active and constructive activities for patients to enjoy, but they also employ a full-time roster of board-certified clinicians, registered nursing staff, and multiple medical doctors on-site at all times.

WhiteSands is consistently at the forefront of advanced treatment modalities that challenge generic and stereotypical methods. Additionally, the center is always looking for ways to enhance patients’ experience and reinvest in the amenities and accommodations offered on-site. “From walking paths that lead to tranquil fountains and gazebos, to boxing, and yoga; WhiteSands has countless options when it comes to enjoying your free time”, said a WhiteSands representative.

The most recent upgrades to the inpatient facility include a new beach volleyball court with lounge chairs, upgraded cafes, and new landscaping with palm trees. Volleyball tournaments and cornhole competitions are held on the weekends and provide opportunities for patients to learn how to have fun again without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

WhiteSands demonstrates an unwavering commitment to patient experience and recovery and has set a new standard in addiction treatment. By focusing on the wellbeing of patients and providing positive outlets for them to expend energy constructively, WhiteSands is not only investing in the physical property but also prioritizing the success of their patients.

WhiteSands is one of the top-rated drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in the nation. With board-certified psychiatrists, registered nurses, and highly-qualified and certified clinical staff, combined with a beautiful and relaxing setting, they have earned their ranking as a top-performing facility across the U.S.

Anyone in need of help for substance abuse and addiction can speak with a treatment specialist at any time by calling (877) 640-7820. Visit whitesandstreatment.com to learn more.


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