White Duck Outdoors Offers Wall Tents for the Upcoming Hunting Season

White Duck Outdoors manufactures and sells wall tents, specifically geared towards hunters and outfitting groups. These wall tents complement the other kinds of tents that the company offers, which are perfect for camping, glamping and businesses looking to set up resorts or glamping sites.

Salt Lake City, Utah: The hunting season is year-round for some game and targets particular time frames for others. While some see it as a hobby, it is a lifestyle for many others. It represents a source of food, trade, or business, but it also ensures an excellent way to kill time when vacation is limited due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the ways people are choosing to spend time is hunting since this involves spending time outdoors, generally distanced from other groups of people. This is in addition to camping and glamping, but of which are considered safe activities from the point of view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

White Duck Outdoors’ Alpha wall tent series is aimed at giving hunting groups a shelter in the outdoors. A wall tent is a hunter's best friend in the wilderness. It provides a large, spacious, and stable environment. White Duck’s wall tents are built from their proprietary DYNADUCK fabric, which is a double-fill army duck cotton canvas, treated to be water repellent, as well as mold, mildew and UV resistant.


Such tents are known for promoting a cool environment during hot summer days, but they also maintain warmth during the winter months. This is largely due to the natural breathable property of tents made from 100% cotton canvas. White Duck’s tents are also pre-equipped with features that generally come at an additional cost.

This includes a silicone-coated stove jack to stay warm during colder days. The wall tent has three-layer storm doors and windows to keep protected from harsh weather conditions and also bugs or critters. Standard 5-foot walls ensure ample space to stand up, move around and place furniture in the tent. Also, the tent comes with the frame, poles, angle kit and toolkit, all included in the packaging.

Tents are available in six sizes and can accommodate large groups of people. Since the tents come with all the necessary parts, the setup process is fairly straightforward, even for those with minimal experience with wall tents.

The durability, quality and versatility of White Duck’s Alpha wall tent series means the living situation is no longer a concern for hunting or outfitting groups. With plenty of space for furniture, a stove jack and movement, the wall tents are designed to be a home away from home. With wall tents as large as 16’x24’, space is never an issue.

White Duck Outdoors provides a series of free add-ons with the outfitter tents. Apart from the stove jack, the tents also include bug meshes for the doors and windows, a free-floating groundsheet, organizers and an eave shade. There are no separate purchases required with the investment – tents are good to set up and use out of the box. Should the need arise, wall tent accessories like a canvas porch or fly sheet are also available from the store.

About White Duck Outdoors

White Duck Outdoors specializes in making high-quality cotton canvas tents, which can be used for various outdoor activities. The company has also partnered with schools and glamping sites to promote outdoor learning and activities to support various industries in the current pandemic.

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