Whistleblower Legal Assistance in Minnesota by Arvind Bob Khurana, Healthcare Whistleblower Lawyer

Every year, the United States Medicare program loses significant funds because of deceptive activity performed by private citizens and organizations that work with the program. This type of illegal activity has an effect on every taxpayer and is a substantial drain on the Medicare program. Arvind Bob Khurana, a prominent healthcare whistleblower lawyer, helps health care workers in Minnesota who have evidence of Medicare scams bring civil suits against these parties on behalf of the government. Mr. Khurana and his legal team represent healthcare employees in civil whistleblower lawsuits, ensuring their safety and protection under the federal False Claims Act.

The CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) works with many private citizens, businesses, and entities that manage Medicare repayments and process claims. The CMS has to ultimately rely on the fact that these people and companies are in compliance with the regulations. Unfortunately, numerous entities are not in compliance, and that number may be increasing. As a result of the government's shortage of resources and holding defrauders responsible, the government has to often count on private health care workers in the industry to come forward with information so they can hold those who defraud the program accountable.

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"Fraud against the Medicare program can take many forms," stated the Minnesota healthcare whistleblower lawyer. "The Fraud can be manipulating healthcare records to get paid more from Medicare, overcharging the government, providing low-quality product or services, or many other things. The government depends on private whistleblowers to come forward with direct knowledge and documentation of these behaviors and the government rewards the whistleblowers for their crucial help. Through qui tam suits, whistleblowers have the ability to bring civil claims against those parties on behalf of the federal government under the False Claims Act and can be rewarded for it."

The federal False Claims Act is a federal law that makes it criminal for anyone to make false Medicare claims or otherwise defraud the federal government. It also enables a healthcare employee with information of fraudulent activity against the Medicare program to file a whistleblower lawsuit on behalf of the federal government. In exchange for their info and effort, the whistleblowers may be entitled to collect incentives of between 15 and 30 percent of the recuperation by the government. The act also has regulations for whistleblower protection against any company retribution which may result from submitting a suit or agreeing to work with the government.

When a whistleblower comes forward with evidence relating to Medicare fraud, the case is submitted in federal district court. It is put 'under seal' while the Department of Justice investigates the claim and the proof, interviews witnesses, and speaks with experts and agency personnel. The government will then choose if it will participate in the lawsuit. If the government does not choose to step in, the whistleblower still might continue the case by themselves.

Since health care workers place themselves at risk doing this important work, the federal False Claims Act particularly incentivizes them with a considerable portion of the monetary recuperation. In an effective claim, the federal government can recuperate approximately three times its losses in addition to charges for each incident of fraud. You can learn more about whistleblower laws in Minnesota at http://medicarewhistleblowercenter.com/qui-tam-attorney-minnesota/

"My purpose as a Medicare whistleblower lawyer is to represent these brave private citizens, to help keep them safe and anonymous, and to work hard so that they are rewarded for their efforts," proceeded Mr. Khurana. "Those healthcare workers in Minnesota who know of fraudulent activity can call our office, and we would be glad to discuss how whistleblower cases work and how the whistleblower is rewarded and protected. With their valiant assistance, we can help hold Medicare scams in control and hold those who commit it accountable for their actions."

Arvind Bob Khurana, Esq. is a knowledgeable Medicare whistleblower attorney who works with health care employees in Minnesota and all over the nation.


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