Westminster California Reports Rising Cases of Addiction and Overdose, Muse Treatment Center in Los Angeles Provides Support

Los Angeles, CA – Cases of drug and alcohol addiction and overdose are rising in Westminster, California, at rates higher than the state average.

In response to this disturbing trend, Muse Treatment offers support to those seeking help overcoming their addiction or seeking help for a loved one struggling with this problem. With treatment centers in Westminster and throughout Southern California, Muse Treatment has helped thousands of people recover from substance abuse disorders, find new ways of managing stress and depression and return to the productive, rewarding lives they had before drugs or alcohol took their sobriety.

Orange County Addiction Treatment Experts at Muse Treatment in Los Angeles

Drug addiction is a scourge that has plagued many communities, but it has hit particularly hard in Westminster. Outwardly, this picturesque city in northern Orange County is solidly middle class and upbeat. It’s located close to the famed coastal towns Huntington Beach and Long Beach. Westminster is known for its diverse population, including a large proportion of residents of Vietnamese descent. Yet, beneath the surface, life is no beachside vacation. The median income is about $62,000, lower than California’s statewide median of about $80,000. Sadly, it matches the state’s poverty rate: almost 16 percent.

Where Westminster and Orange County outrank the statewide average is in rates of alcoholism and drug addiction. According to data reports, alcoholism here is 1.1% higher than the state average. In addition, more than a third of Westminster’s residents are struggling with drug abuse. In fact, according to one report, 34 percent of Orange County residents acknowledge using one or more illicit drugs in their lifetime.

About 6 percent of drug abuse cases involve prescription drugs, and over half of them end up in fatal overdoses. More than 5,500 Orange County residents are hospitalized for drug overdoses each year, and about 700 residents die of drug overdoses.

Reading those numbers about a city like Westminster may seem surprising, but they’re quite familiar to addiction experts. Drug abuse can affect anyone of any background, no matter how much education they’ve had or the income they earn. Moreover, the risk of addiction has grown as the COVID-19 pandemic creates economic hardship and social isolation; coupled with the cheap availability of illicit opioids like fentanyl, the problem becomes even more of a crisis for people of all ages, incomes and social statuses.

When drug or alcohol abuse afflicts hard-working, self-sufficient families who’ve never had to cope with such problems, they often are tempted to ignore the problem or try to solve it themselves. But that would be a mistake. Substance abuse is a condition that requires professional help from trained addiction specialists. At Muse Treatment, their staff provides compassionate, non-judgmental care for those who seek our help. Treatment plans are customized for the individual needs of their clients; they include comprehensive addiction treatment for heroin, opioids and other prescription drugs, as well as alcohol. Treatment includes medically supervised detox, residential and outpatient rehab, sober living homes and extensive follow-up and alumni programs to prevent relapse. Muse Treatment often treats substance disorders in sync with depression and other underlying emotional and psychological disorders. Rehab includes counseling in life skills designed to instill healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with the circumstances that may contribute to addiction.

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