Westfield, IN Bed Bug Company Providing Chemical & Heat Treatments

Bed bugs can be a very difficult pest problem to have and typically the best results won’t be achieved without the help from a professional exterminator. Bed Bug Busters offers these services to Westfield, IN residents and other areas across Hamilton County. They offer chemical and heat treatments to both commercial and residential properties.

Our first and foremost action is to inspect your property,” the manager said. “Once we do this we can determine if one treatment method may be more favorable over the other, and explain these options to you before we take the next step. The level of infestation will most likely determine which treatment will be the most effective.

Westfield bed bug treatments

People often determine they have bed bugs when they start waking up with bites. It’s then that they decide to do an inspection and find the bugs or evidence of them on their mattress or bedding; dark spots, bed bug eggs, the bugs themselves.

When an infestation is present it won’t be hard to determine these bugs have invaded the space. They will be everywhere including the bed, nearby furniture, on the curtains, behind the baseboards, wall outlets, crown molding, wall décor, etc.

We definitely don’t recommend letting a bed bug issue go so long that they’re practically everywhere in a property,” the manager added. “We advise Westfield residents to contact a professional immediately when they’re discovered or even just suspected. Otherwise the problem will only grow and become more serious and cost more money and time in the long run. It’s much better to take swift action.”

When it comes to choosing a treatment method, heat treatments are often the most effective versus chemical applications. Many times the problem can be handled in one visit with heat and may take 2 or more applications with chemicals.

There are products available for consumers to buy to kill bed bugs, but they only kill those that can be seen. A person would have to spray every single bug in order to see a difference.

Not to mention those still hiding that you can’t find, and the eggs that have gone unseen. Heat treatments effectively kill all life stages of bed bugs which helps ensure they don’t come back.

“Our team is dedicated to helping Westfield property owners keep their investments and families safe. When we treat your property, regardless of treatment type, we encourage you to contact us right away if you notice a bug afterwards. We will do a follow up even if we don’t hear from you to make sure all is well and no more are still around. You deserve to have a bed-bug free property and we take pride in helping you achieve just that,” the manager said.

To learn more about Bed Bug Busters treatment options or to schedule an inspection, contact them by phone or visit them online.


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