Wellness and Recovery Company that Specializes in Cryotherapy Launches New Website

icryo.com, a Houston-based wellness and recovery company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The company decided to create a new website to give their clients more accurate and up-to-date information on their services. It will also provide their clients with a more user-friendly experience as they click through the pages of the improved website. They undertook this extensive project with the hopes that it will further enhance their image as a company that truly cares about its clients. This example of icryo.com taking steps to be as progressive a company as possible is what led them to be named to INC. 5000’s list of the fastest-growing American companies.

A spokesperson for icryo.com says, “We put a lot of work into our new website to make it as comprehensive as possible as far as describing the services that we offer, where our locations are, and what our company mission and culture is all about. It was designed using input from our experienced staff members along with expert advice from our reputable IT services provider. We are very pleased with the way that it turned out and so far, the feedback from our clients that have been on the newly launched website has been very positive.”

The newly launched website can be seen here at https://www.icryo.com. The company spokesperson says that those who use the new website will immediately notice some big differences from the old one. This includes a simpler layout and less text on each page. He stated that the new website is much more pleasing to the eye in other ways too. Part of this was made possible through the use of more subtle background colors that help make the text jump off of each webpage at the reader. Another big addition to the new website is the embedded videos. Now a client of the company has a choice between reading about their services or simply watching a video that describes a particular therapy in more detail. He says that the drop-down menu has also been improved, their clients should have an easier time accessing company blogs, and more ways to contact them have been added.

The company spokesperson said that one of the areas that they feel is the most improved on their website is the descriptions of their services. It was already mentioned that part of this is the new descriptive videos of their therapies that have been added. He gave as an example their most popular offering which is whole-body cryotherapy. The new website does a good job of describing how it’s a non-invasive therapy that is thought to trigger the human body’s fight or flight syndrome as a means of trying to enhance a client’s recovery time and attempt to lower inflammation. According to the company spokesperson, the new website goes into more detail on all of their services and this will give their clients a much better understanding of how each of their therapies is intended to work.

After talking about the details of the new website, the company spokesperson also discussed in more detail some of the other services that icryo.com offers. Included on this list are IV infusions. This is a therapy that puts vitamins directly into the bloodstream where it’s thought there is a possibility they can then be absorbed better. He also talked about their body sculpting treatments, which are done in short 30 to 40 sessions, may help a client reduce the cellulite areas on their body in an effort to trim off inches. icryo.com also does such services as compression therapy which uses compressed air to mobilize body fluids and massage areas of the body in what hopefully becomes another way to help a client recover faster from an ailment or injury. The company spokesperson mentioned that one of their newer therapies is the use of infrared saunas to increase a person’s core body temperature as a possible means to eliminate toxins from the body.

All of these services are described in more detail here at https://www.icryo.com/services/ on the newly launched website.


For more information about iCRYO, contact the company here:

14200 Gulf Fwy #210, Houston, TX 77034, United States