Wedding Videography Studio Advises Wedding Planners To Turn Setbacks Into Opportunities

Tinley Park, IL based wedding videographer Weddings with Motion is pleased to announce that they are ready to accept bookings from local couples who are ready to tie the knot. Given that social distancing guidelines may require more extensive planning in order to preserve the safety of the couple, their family, guests and so on, the studio also encourages customers to get in touch today in order to minimize the workload they may have to take on in the future.

“The pandemic has put most of our lives on hold,” states Rick Wolf of Weddings with Motion, “and that has unfortunately meant that weddings that were supposed to have happened earlier this year were postponed due to these unforeseen circumstances. While some restrictions have been lifted, many are still left wondering whether they should put off their plans altogether even if state and federal officials give the greenlight for the moment. This may ultimately mean that your wedding will take place sometime next year.”

However, Wolf urges the community not to look at this turn of events solely as an obstacle. In many cases, he asserts, a couple may discover that the delay has given them an opportunity to finish planning their dream wedding. “The stress and hassle of planning your big day should never be understated,” says Wolf. “We rely on our friends and family as well as the experience of the experts we consult with to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possibly on the day of the wedding regardless of how much effort went into the days leading up to it. As we work in the same field, we understand all too well how much of a difference the right plan can make—in turn, we also understand how much of a difference having more time to plan can make. Due to these reasons, we advise you to reach out to us sooner rather than later in order to get started planning your dream wedding.”

Weddings With Motion, as their name suggests, specializes in capturing the grace, beauty and loving atmosphere of their clients’ weddings on film. In addition to encapsulating the emotions of the couple as well as everyone else in attendance, the studio seeks to weave an intimate tale that describes the events of the day in relation to the two people it is all about. In essence, their wedding videography serves to remind everyone of the beautiful memories they made, allowing them to remember and relive these special moments forever.

On the other hand, Wedding With Motion recognizes the fact that many couples will understandably feel like there is no time like the present. In such cases, the studio affirms that they are ready and willing to do their part and capture their clients’ ceremonies on camera. In line with this, they reassure their community that they are taking all social distancing guidelines extremely seriously and are implementing their own measures to maintain safety. For instance, the studio will be running their equipment through a disinfection program prior to each event they cover, and their videographers coordinate with each other to minimize physical contact during the event as well.

As such, Weddings With Motion warmly welcomes any and all inquiries regarding weddings that will be held in the near future. Notably, the studio’s reviews shine a light on their ability to perfectly capture all manner of events, even if they are relatively small in scale (as many weddings may have to be in the current climate).

In their 5-Star Google review, for instance, Melissa Banas says, “My husband and I were a bit hesitant to use a videographer as we had a very short and intimate wedding and weren't sure it would be worth it. Ricky only had about an hour with us to capture video. However, we were blown away with how beautiful and special the video turned out! I still haven't made it through the video without crying tears of joy. If he could make such an amazing video for us with 1 hour of video, I can't imagine how special the video would be with several hours of footage! Ricky is incredibly talented and professional. I highly recommend Wedding with Motion. Our wedding video is our most treasured piece that we have to remember on our wedding day - we can't stop watching it!”

More information regarding their specific services can be found on the Weddings With Motion website. Additionally, those involved with the wedding planning process are encouraged to reach out to Rick Wolf today in order to explore their options.


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