WECORE Buys Houses Announces with Pleasure: We Buy Houses In Austin

WECORE Buys Houses is pleased to announce that it is now buying houses in the Austin, Texas area. Its website at https://www.wecorebuyshouses.com/texas/austin/, explains that they are an investment company that makes it easy and quick for property owners to sell houses without needing to fix them up, clean them up, and so forth.

WECORE Buys Houses is a family-owned business and they focus on helping homeowners find solutions for their property problems; whether the property is in foreclosure, the market is depressed for some reason, or if the house just needs to be sold as quickly as possible.

WECORE Buys Houses

Although the company is based in Hutto, Texas and mainly operates in and around Texas, the firm actually buys houses nationwide. Angeles Jackie, a spokesperson for the company said, “We represent an active network of experienced and extremely active real estate buyers. We are always looking to buy homes that need repairs from sellers looking to sell quickly. We buy houses, rental properties, duplexes, townhouses, multi-tenant buildings, and commercial property.”

WECORE Buys Houses also offers a free guide for sellers considering using a company like WECORE to move their unwanted real estate quickly. The guide can be found at the following link: https://www.wecorebuyshouses.com/go/selling-to-a-professional/.

The company has been very pleased with the response to its new website. As mentioned at https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/37031-sell-your-house-fast-with-wecore-s-new-website, WECORE does absolutely everything that they can to make the experience of selling simple, quick, and pain-free.

Jackie said “WECORE stands for ‘We Encourage Creative Options in Real Estate.’ And part of what that means is that sometimes rather than putting a lot of effort, time, and money into a home just to sell it, the creative option of selling a property as-is can be a gamechanger for families.”

Mike Stephenson, a former customer of WECORE Buys Houses had nothing but praise for the way the transaction went. He said “WECORE took a big hassle off of my family’s shoulders. Our grandparents’ home needed a lot of work and a lot of money invested and my cousins and I had a lot of disagreement about how much to spend and what to do in order to get the house ready to sell. We decided to call WECORE and literally within a few days the problem was solved. They made an offer, we accepted the offer, and the money was in our account the next day. It was a huge relief and the family is back on an even keel.”

The company has made a point to clearly explain the way the process works, including the fact that WECORE Buys Houses does not take commissions or fees out of the selling prices. Jackie said “We are a business and we do need to make money, but we don’t do that by tacking extra ‘fees’ onto the transaction. We are professionals, and just like any professional real estate company, we use an Escrow service and thus both WECORE and the sellers are completely protected. We’ve had hundreds of successful transactions and have left many happy sellers better off.”


WECORE Buys Houses now has its own social media presence on Pinterest which can be found here https://www.pinterest.com/wecorebuyshouses/ Visitors to the board will find the latest informational updates there about how everything works. Interestingly, the pins are all video based rather than the more traditional picture pins that are usually seen.

Although WECORE Buys Houses primarily serves the state of Texas it does operate on a nationwide basis and can assist homeowners wishing to sell their properties fast anywhere in the United States. Property owners wishing to find out more about what WECORE Buys Houses has to offer them should visit the company's website where they will find more detailed information about how it all works. Additionally, anyone with questions will find details there of how to get in touch with WECORE Buys Houses either by phone or by using the easy to use online contact form.


For more information about WECORE Buys Houses, contact the company here:

WECORE Buys Houses
Angeles Jackie
Hutto, TX 78634