Waxing Services Available For Men & Women In Nicosia

Cyprus based NewMe Spa would like to introduce their waxing services to local residents and travellers. Situated at an accessible location in Nicosia, the spa offers a variety of waxing services for both men and women. Learn more about the spa and their accommodations at the following link: Waxing Nicosia.

Women can have virtually any body part waxed at the spa, and several specialised services are available as well. The spa provides waxing for the arms (including underarms), legs, stomach and so on. Customers may choose between a full or half wax for the back and legs. NewMe Spa further provides a bikini line or Brazilian wax in accordance with the customer’s desires. Finally, a full body wax, consisting of arms, Brazilian, legs, underarms and eyebrow tweezing, may be requested as well.

Alternatively, customers may stop by for a face or upper lip wax, which take 15 minutes and 10 minutes, respectively. Most of the other waxing services take around 15 minutes each per customer, with the exception of the full body wax, which takes approximately 75 minutes. Similarly, customers may expect to stay at the spa for at least 40 minutes for a full leg wax. Notably, however long a session takes, customers can expect to feel as little pain as possible. See how the spa guarantees the most relaxed, efficient experience for women here: Waxing For Women Nicosia.

Men will find that most of these services are available for them as well, though the spa clarifies that male waxing sessions will often take a little longer to complete. For instance, a male customer can have his chest and stomach waxed together, which takes 30 minutes. The full back wax and leg wax also take around 30 minutes. An arm wax takes 13 minutes, but a male customer should expect to stay at the clinic for at least 90 minutes if they require a full body wax (arms, legs, chest and underarms).

“Regardless of your needs, body type or hair type,” the spa states, “our team will make every effort to ensure a pleasant experience. Those who have never had a wax are invited to schedule an appointment with us since our team is accustomed to guiding customers through their first session. Male or female, we know what you need, and you will find us walking you through every step of the process.” Learn how the spa takes male requirements into account here: Waxing For Men Nicosia.

NewMe Spa is proud to share that many customers consider the spa their favourite in the region, a fact that many reviews will attest to. Since the spa first opened its doors, it has quickly become a staple in the neighbourhood, growing in popularity as more customers discovered the unique experience it offers. In addition to waxing, the team offers a comprehensive array of services that are designed to soothe both the body and the mind as well as rejuvenate a customer’s natural beauty and sense of wellness. NewMe Spa, as the name suggests, is committed to helping customers bring out their inner self and revitalise their confidence in themselves.

The spa curates a welcoming, serene and relaxing atmosphere that shuts out all other concerns once its doors close behind a customer. No matter what kind of service is required or how long a customer plans to stay, they can expect to leave feeling refreshed and replenished.

“You might consider NewMe Spa to be your home away from home,” says the spa. “Here, our customers are like our family, and we want nothing more than to make you feel as good as possible. If you are on your first visit, please speak with our team and explain what you are looking for. They will be happy to take your personal needs into account and make recommendations based on your preferences and goals.”

NewMe Spa’s full range of services include pedicures, manicures, laser hair removal, microblading, a variety of body and facial treatments and much more. All are welcome to contact the spa today to learn more or schedule their next appointment.


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