WaxDynasty Draws Attention To 2022 Sub-$1 Coin Price Opportunities - WAXP, IOTX, and HERO

Cryptocurrency information blog WaxDynasty.com has released a blog post educating readers on the investment opportunity in three exciting tokens that have a bright future ahead of them in 2022 and are ripe for delivering returns.

In the blog post, WaxDynasty focuses on three metaverse coins that can be purchased for just under $1, making them an enticing and lucrative proposition for investors who want to get started for a lower entry price. The three coins mentioned in the blog post are WAXP, IOTX, and HERO. Readers can find the aforementioned blog post by heading over to the link: waxmetaverse.blogspot.com.

First, the blog post draws attention to IOTX, the native coin of the IoTeX blockchain. The IoTeX blockchain is in charge of IoTeX, a company that is building a flexible and secure blockchain foundation for the Internet of Things. The company launched in April 2019 and IOTX has already hit a fully diluted market cap of $1.1 billion. As of the blog post’s time of writing, IoTeX was trading at $0.117 with a 24-hour volume of $41 million and a circulating supply of 9.54 billion IOTX. IOTX can be purchased on Binance, Coinbase Exchange, KuCoin, Crypto.com, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and other exchanges.

Recently, according to IoTeX, it also made available the IoPay Web3.0 wallet on Android and iOS devices. IoPay is designed to be a gateway to the IoTeX ecosystem that anyone can access. The IoTeX environment is home to a range of features such as trades, wallets, and other one-of-a-kind metaverse creations. The blog post gives an example of StarCrazy, a blockchain-based play-to-obtain metaverse NFT game that allows customers to acquire GFT tokens, which it says is one of the most exciting projects using the IoTeX platform.

Next, the blog post talks about the Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX which was founded in 2017. Many industry observers have dubbed WAX the world's most environmentally friendly blockchain for NFTs, collectibles, and video games. The WAXP token is a local token on the WAX blockchain that may be used to buy computer games, collectibles, and NFTs. WAXP is presently trading at $0.44, with $54 million in 24-hour activity. It has an $834 million fully diluted market cap and 1.87 billion in flowing stock. WAXP can be purchased on Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex, Crypto.com, and many more exchanges.

WAX's commercial center allows customers to buy, sell, and exchange NFTs in addition to several dApp games that clients can enjoy. WAX also features a number of well-known play-to-win metaverse games, such as Alien Worlds, Farming Tales, Prospectors, R-Planet, and so on. Unlike other blockchains, WAX's primary value is that customers do not have to pay for gas. Clients stake their WAX for CPU, NET, and RAM power, which works with blockchain exchanges, if all other factors are equal.

Finally, the blog post from WaxDynasty.com talks about Metahero, a cutting-edge metaverse that launched in June 2021 and allows clients to filter themselves and other verifiable items to create perfect duplicates of them in the advanced world. Its token, HERO has a 24-hour volume of $13 million and is currently trading at $0.13. HERO also has a circulation supply of 5.1 billion tokens along with a market cap of $688 million. HERO is available for purchase on KuCoin, Gate.io, and LBank, to name a few.

Metahero works with creators from reputed companies all around the world to find applications for its underlying token and technology. It has teamed up with Wolf Digital World (WDW), the creators of 16k 3D showcasing technology used by any semblance of CD Projekt, the team behind Cyberpunk 2077, to do this. Legend tokens are Binance Smart Chain-backed BEP-20 tokens that are used as Metahero's local currency.

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