Water Purification Company Puragain Water Opens Up A New Physical Location In Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada -

Nevada water purification company Puragain Water has established a new physical location in Las Vegas, Nevada allowing it to better serve prospective clients in The Sagebrush State.

The water filtration company’s new office is located at 6380 S Valley View Blvd Suite 422, Las Vegas, NV 89118. Located in the Valley View Business Center, the new location is minutes away from Harry Reid International Airport, giving the company an almost central location to address the needs of customers spread out throughout the city.

According to a 2019 report by KNTV, Las Vegas has the second hardest water in the nation. The hardness of the Las Vegas Valley Water District is 278 parts per million or 16 grains per gallon. It has been described by many as “very hard” due to its nature of making it difficult to produce lather and leaving a chalky-build up on fixtures and spots on glassware and metal plumbing. The hardness of the local water supply can be attributed to the fact that Clark County, the county for which Las Vegas is the county seat, receives 90% of its water from Lake Mead which is fed by the mineral-dense Colorado river.

A spokesperson for Puragain Water talks about its move to Las Vegas by saying, “Las Vegas, the oasis in the desert, has always had high levels of mineral deposits in its water supply. Though there are no serious long-term health issues associated with drinking hard water, it can lead to problems such as dryness of the skin and it can even be risky for those who suffer from conditions such as dermatitis. There is also some research, though not conclusive, that says those suffering from heart disease could have problems if they consume hard water regularly. Bringing our water filtration and treatment products and services to Las Vegas was an easy decision because we know how much the residents of the city could benefit from what we offer. So if you are a Las Vegas resident and want a hard water solution that will fit your budget and your lifestyle, call Puragain Water today. We will be able to serve you quickly and effectively through our new centrally located office that is easily accessible from all parts of the city. You can also head over to our website at https://www.puragainwater.com/ to find out more about our offerings or contact us directly.”

The company’s products include a range of water filtration systems that can be installed on a property along with commercial water filtration and water testing services. The company’s home water filtration systems to reduce contaminants and mineral content include a reverse osmosis water filter system, a 6-stage alkaline system, a whole house water filtration system, and water softeners designed specifically to treat hard water. The company has been providing high-quality water softeners, water conditioners, alkaline systems & reverse osmosis filtration systems in San Diego, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino & Ventura County for over 30 years now. The company offers a lifetime servicing plan for its products that ensures that they will always work perfectly and flawlessly. The lifetime servicing plan includes perks such as annual water testing, unlimited service calls, and annual maintenance of the systems.

For new customers, the company has a simple 6-step questionnaire on its website that clients can use to determine which of its products are perfect for their personal use case. The questionnaire asks customers about details such as whether they rent or own their home, what is the intended use of the water (drinking only or drinking, bathing, and cleaning), whether the client needs a system that will remove chemicals, bacteria, and viruses, whether the client is interested in alkaline water for drinking, whether they want to remove the hardness from their water, and finally, whether they want a system that will prevent and remove scale buildup from the faucets and pipes.

Readers looking for the company’s contact information can head over to its website or reach out to it at the toll-free number 855-40-WATER.


For more information about Puragain Water, contact the company here:

Puragain Water
Aaron Quick
(760) 317-9741
6380 S Valley View Blvd, Suite 422, Las Vegas, NV 89118