Water Damage Restoration Offered In Poughkeepsie

NY-based L-Pro Restoration Inc. is pleased to offer water damage restoration and associated services to communities in Poughkeepsie. They can provide water removal, wood floor water damage restoration, storm damage cleanup and much more. Furthermore, those who require the aid of a water damage company in Poughkeepsie can rely on the company to respond quickly to emergencies despite the challenges caused by the pandemic.

“The presence of one crisis does not mean that other issues will suddenly go away,” says Luis Quizhpi of L-Pro Restoration Inc. “We knew from the early days of this pandemic that our community was going to need us more than ever, given how many more people have had to stay home to maintain social distancing or have even switched to working from home completely. While this may not seem like it should have any additional consequences, the truth is that an increased home presence can increase pressure placed on your utilities. That means more water usage, and your pipes being used more often. This makes it more likely that small issues that would have otherwise taken a while to become noticeable will now make themselves apparent more quickly.”

water damage Poughkeepsie

Such issues can take the form of burst taps or leaky pipes, he says, and a family or business may not even notice a problem until it gets out of hand because water damage does not always have a dramatic cause. Some incidents, such as a broken tap, can occur while the fixture is being used, but a slow leak that introduces excess water to an area can do a lot of damage as well since it can go unnoticed for extended periods. Learn more here: Water Damage Poughkeepsie.

A detailed 5-Star Google review from Robert Merkel sheds light on some of the company’s practices and why they are considered an asset to their customers. “L-Pro is amazing!” the review says, “Luis and his team always deliver quality work. When my basement flooded, Luis was onsite quickly and assessed the damage. Within a day, they had the water-damaged floors out and fans in ready to dry everything out. Once that was done, they did the rebuild that was nothing less than perfect, and actually looks better than before! This is the second time I’ve used them for a project, and the work is always perfect. There’s nothing they can’t do! Luis is very responsive and honest. I will always use them for any work I need, they do it all. Highly recommended.”

On the other hand, water damage can also be caused by incidents that are completely outside the home or business’ control. Flooding can occur during heavy rains and storms, for instance, and L-Pro Restoration Inc. has even helped restore properties that suffered water damage as an unintended consequence of firefighting efforts. Similarly, a property may experience a range of issues that the residents have some influence over but still missed until it was too late, from sewage backups and clogged drains to water damage caused by malfunctioning air conditioners and leaky appliances.

Fortunately, L-Pro Restoration Inc. can repair any leaky or broken lines, perform a water extraction, remove and dispose of contaminated content that is beyond salvage, dry out an affected area completely (with the help of fans and specialized equipment) and more. A crucial part of their service is their ability to sanitize and deodorize an area after it is dried out, making it safe (and more pleasant) to inhabit once more. Finally, the company commits their experienced contractors to reconstruction and repair efforts, restoring the room or building to its former state. Whatever measures they have to take, however, Quizhpi states that the company’s first step will always be to resolve the source of the damage and help ensure the property does not suffer a repeat incident in the future.

Another top-rated review from Dimeji Farri touches on how the company does not not compromise on quality despite the affordable nature of their services. The review states, “Luis and his team got my drywall replacement and painting done superbly, and on time! And the cost of the job was reasonable vs. other quotes I received! Their professionalism, responsiveness and work quality are top class!”


Customers may reach out to Luis Quizhpi of L-Pro Restoration Inc. for further details. Their website offers a deeper explanation of their services as well. Learn more at the following link: Water Damage Restoration Poughkeepsie NY.


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