Ward Maedgen Accident Attorneys: Tornado Sirens Wail Throughout DFW

Dallas community bloggers are writing about a recent tornado that touched down in Arlington Texas. Sirens could be heard wailing throughout DFW recently, according to the firm, as a tornado blew through the area. In its wake, the tornado left multiple Arlington businesses and apartment complexes with serious damage. The apartment complexes that sustained the most damage include Waterdance Apartments, The Mirage Apartments and Garden Park Apartments. Two commercial buildings, a church and a house were also damaged.

A Dallas Morning News article published on the 25th of November had this to say about the event, “The tornado came as the line of thunderstorms began moving through Dallas-Fort Worth just before 9 p.m., prompting severe weather watches and tornado warnings. The National Weather Service confirmed early Wednesday that radars showed a tornado had touched down in Arlington. A survey crew will determine how strong the tornado was, where it started and where it ended, Weather Service meteorologist Patricia Sanchez said. Seven buildings sustained serious damage in the storm, according to the Arlington Fire Department.”

The tornado warning has been lifted, but heavy wind and rain are expected to pass through North Texas. It is believed, however, that the worst is over, and tornado warnings have been cancelled for both Tarrant and Dallas County. The Arlington police department is helping the Arlington fire department with some of the damage across the city, which includes malfunctioning signal lights, various roof collapses and damage to a number of buildings. The true extent of the damage is currently unknown, and it is not clear how many (if any) people were injured.

Ward Maedgen Accident Attorneys would also like to help with the process of recovery. The Dallas based firm offers legal representation for those who have been injured or had their property damaged in accidents. Ward Maedgen is considered the Dallas Accident Attorney of Choice due to a number of reasons, and the community is welcome to make use of this to their advantage.

Ward Maedgen, the firm’s lead attorney, takes pride in fighting for his clients and treats each case as if he were fighting for his own family. His courtroom skills, which he developed while serving as an assistant district attorney, give him the knowledge and confidence needed to take on big companies in court on behalf of his clients, His firm has a reputation for integrity, trust and skill, which sets it apart from other firms in the area.

“Many personal injury firms may take the fastest path to settlement and avoiding the courtroom, possibly compromising a claim’s value,” the Dallas firm says. “We will work with you to fight and resolve your problems. It’s a good feeling having the guy with hard earned experience in the trenches fighting on your side. Call Ward and tell him about your injury or accident today. There’s no charge to talk to Ward and get your claim off to the right start with a consultation. If you decide to retain us, you will have no costs out of your own pocket for our representation. We’ll work hard for you, and you’ll pay the firm zero dollars directly. The firm only gets paid if you are paid from a settlement.”

Maedgen also offers one-on-one care. He treats each client as an individual by offering them personal council and representation instead of simply passing them off to another firm or outsourced call handler. At Ward Maedgen Accident Attorneys, every case is unique. Every insurance company works differently, and experience can make a difference when handling insurers.

A number of people have worked with Ward Maedgen, and many of them had great things to say about their experiences. Cristal, one of the firm’s clients, left a testimonial saying, “Ward was excellent and worked diligently to ensure that I received the settlement I deserved from the insurance company, as the insurance company was initially unwilling to pay very much on the claim. He was very knowledgeable, and he always made sure to keep me updated on each step of my case. Without him, I would not have received the settlement I did. Thanks so much, Ward!”

For more information and for other announcements, visit the firm’s website. Interested parties may reach out to Daniel James of Ward Maedgen Accident Attorneys for further details as well.


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