Waite Vision Helps Better Inform Patients About SMILE Procedure

Lehi, Utah -

Waite Vision, a premier vision correction center focused on serving patients throughout Utah, released a new article about SMILE eye surgery. The article discusses the benefits and costs and answers questions many prospective patients have about the SMILE procedure.

The article explains that SMILE stands for small incision lenticule extraction and is similar to LASIK in that a laser is used to provide vision correction to patients who undergo the procedure. A femtosecond laser removes a small lenticule of corneal tissue from the middle layers of the cornea. This process of reshaping the cornea corrects vision and leaves patients with amazing vision.

Prospective patients interested in learning more about the SMILE procedure should schedule a consultation with Waite Vision to find out if they are a candidate. The article states the cost of a consultation is $150 and includes a full diagnostic workup, including seven different tests that utilize the latest technology. The consultation cost is applied to the patient’s vision correction procedure.

Waite Vision believes all people should have the opportunity to see life in focus without the use of contact lenses or glasses. Because of this belief, the vision correction facility has prioritized keeping SMILE eye surgery affordable. They encourage their patients to see the cost of SMILE as an investment in their vision. The article compares the cost of contact lenses and glasses over a lifetime to the one-time expense of SMILE eye surgery that will last a lifetime.

Patients have many questions when considering laser eye surgery like SMILE. The article addresses some of the most frequently asked questions, such as whether SMILE is covered by insurance, does SMILE hurt, who is a candidate for SMILE, and how long the SMILE procedure takes.

A skilled group of medical professionals makes up the Waite Vision center for vision correction. Their mission is to use vision correction to enhance the quality of life. The Waite Vision comprehensive diagnostic consultation will assist patients in understanding which type of procedure is best suited for their particular vision needs among the many types of vision correction procedures they provide. Waite Vision, founded by Dr. Aaron Waite, is a cutting-edge facility that is well-situated to serve patients from around the state of Utah. Visit the page for more information on SMILE, or get in touch with a member of the Waite Vision team to arrange a consultation.


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