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Toby Beavers, a 25-year Farm & Estate realtor, offers 100 of the finest Virginia Historic homes for sale on the market today. There is a variety of exquisite historic homes for sale in Virginia. Today three extraordinary Virginia historic homes have surfaced onto the market that anyone looking for a historic home for sale in Virginia should be aware of. These three are a few of the finest Virginia historic homes to hit the market in years. North Wales Farm circa 1718 in Fauquier County, Edgemont circa 1796, and Reventon Farm circa 1810 both in the Charlottesville area. These homes are visually impressive with their unique decor and modern amenities; and are welcoming, well connected to major roads, and delivers the peace and quiet discerning historic home lovers are looking for.

These three are a few of the one hundred incredible Virginia historic homes offered by Toby Beavers, a savvy Virginia Farms and Estates realtor, since 2003.

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Toby handpicks these Virginia historic homes and has homes in every style dating from the late 17th century to 1945. Their square footage ranges from 1,800 and up to 25,000 square feet, which means buyers can easily find one that suits their needs and requirements. Plus they each have their own extraordinary, unique look which can make it either extremely easy to furnish in a style pertaining to the home. That or call a licensed decorator. The good news is there are numerous Virginia interior decorators professionally qualified to take an unfurnished, bare home and turn it into a jaw-dropping showplace.

Each Virginia historic home Toby offers has its own distinct style. Some date from the 1700s and have a more aristocratic, unique Federal and Georgian design. While others in or around the Blue Ridge Mountains have the Virginia farm-style from the late 1800s with wonderful wrap-around porches.

Owning a spectacular Virginia historic home is hard work, but it also offers the peace and happiness history buffs seek the knowledge that living in a rich, amazing American heritage. And now as the new Lord of the Manor.

Today is a great opportunity to gain access to 100 of the most exquisite Virginia historic homes for sale in Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, the Upper, Middle, and Lower Neck, the Shenandoah Valley, and Southern Virginia. Contact Virginia Historic Homes for more information. One phone call and Toby Beavers can help figure out which direction to begin the search. 434-327-2999 or by email at


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