Video Production Company Brings Chicago Clients’ Vision To Life

Chicago, IL based Video One Productions is pleased to place their videography expertise at the disposal of local businesses and other clients. The company provides a wide range of Chicago based video production services that are capable of meeting virtually any requirement a client may have. With a passionate team and years of experience in the industry, Video One Productions is ready to create works of art that can stand as technical showpieces or help immortalize treasured memories.

The company is especially adept at creating corporate, event, promotional, training and other business videos. Their team has worked with hundreds of clients across various industries to create videos that either meet a specific purpose or fulfill a multi-faceted role. For instance, the company’s corporate services allow businesses to create media that introduces an audience to their products (or to the company itself), takes viewers on a virtual tour of a location and more.

Video One Productions has helped clients produce numerous videos that would either be among the highlights of an event or serve as content under a larger theme. Notably, the company clarifies that ‘event videography’ is about capturing the essence of a given event rather than creating media to be displayed. Here, the team takes footage of crowds weaving through the premises, audiences watching demonstrations or engaging in activities and so on. Video One Productions understands that such videos serve to remind a company about its history as time goes on as well as mark an important milestone in its growth (among other reasons). As such, their team always works alongside organizers to determine which aspects need to be focused on.

Alternatively, some videos may serve a more utilitarian purpose. Video One Productions boasts about 30 years of experience in the field, and they have long learned that virtually every video requires a narrative component in order to meet its purpose. The reason for this is readily apparent in movies and film, but the company says businesses should keep this in mind for other areas as well, such as where training is concerned. While such videos are often made exclusively to educate an audience, the lessons or demonstrations they contain are more likely to be understood if the content is engaging — and a narrative element is crucial for this. This is true whether the intended audience is a customer (who needs to learn how to use the product) or an employee.

Video One Productions approaches every project with a practical and experienced eye, and this serves to ensure that clients are always satisfied with the quality of service they receive. As Anne J. says in their Google review, “Video One Productions helped our organization provide a virtual award event by filming our members' ceremonial speeches and award winners acceptance speeches. Video One coordinated with close to 20 different individuals to make this virtual award event happen and did an excellent job. They were very professional and accommodating with everyone's schedule for filming. Video One was extremely responsive and provided the utmost customer service. I highly recommend their services.”

Robert T. also shares, “Let me start by saying they were outstanding! Video One recently created a marketing video for my company. They were great to work with from start to finish. They are a very talented and professional group! The entire production crew, including the Managing Director was very helpful, creative and patient in suggesting ideas on how to create and produce the perfect marketing piece. My company was very happy with them and would use them again in the future! I would highly recommend them for their work. Very professional!”

The team at Video One Productions has completed countless projects alongside clients whose requirements run the gamut of human imagination. As a result, they have grappled with — and conquered — most of the challenges associated with creating media in and around Chicago, and they look forward to finding new solutions in the years to come.

Any business or individual in need of a reliable, experienced and talented production company need only contact Video One Productions to begin discussing their next project. Inquiries may be directed to Irwin Meyers of Video One Productions and other members of their team.


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