Video By ManageByStats Reveals Keys To Ranking On Amazon

Today ManageByStats announced the release of their Hidden Keys To Ranking On Amazon training video. This video is a consolidation of a Ranking Bootcamp conducted by MBS over a three-video series, laying out a trifecta of key actions that should be taken by Amazon sellers to boost their ranking. This trifecta covers finding the most profitable keywords in terms of search results, tracking where products rank for each, and then which keywords to focus on with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

“The Ranking Bootcamp was a big success,” says MBS CEO, Philip Jepsen. “Our goal was to provide a resource for our customers, one they could use to boost their ranking on Amazon -- a key action to boosting sales -- and the results were even better than expected.”

The Ranking Bootcamp was held in three parts and is also available on the ManageByStats channel. ManageByStats provides software and services for Amazon sellers, as well as maintaining an active training curriculum, specifically through regular free webinars and recorded videos. The bootcamp series is part of that overall training, designed to help MBS users succeed.

“Our customers’ success is our success,” says Mister Jepsen. “We work to help them win on all fronts, through providing tools to help them manage their Amazon business, services to help them run it, and training to give them the knowledge to grow it.”

For more info on ManageByStats video releases please visit their YouTube channel. If interested parties have further questions, ManageByStats may be contacted directly by email.


For more information about ManageByStats, contact the company here:

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