Veterans Film Festival Now Streaming Online For Free

The El Segundo, CA-based Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network (DVEN) wishes to draw the community’s attention to a free film festival on veterans issues. Hosted by the Veterans Administration, the San Francisco Veterans Film Festival is currently available online to all those who wish to attend. While audiences have already been tuning in since November 08, 2020, the festival will run until November 14. There is no charge to attend but all interested parties must request a ticket through the appropriate portals. Visit DVEN’s page on the event to get started:

The event may already be underway, but DVEN asserts that there is still much to be seen. Apart from the headlining films, for instance, audiences are invited to tune in for the Director’s Panel on November 12, from 6-7:30 pm. This section of the festival will be streamed via Zoom, and is similarly free for all who wish to attend. It will feature eight directors from films included in the festival and be moderated by OneVet OneVoice founder Eddie Ramirez. The panel will be hosted by one of the Veterans Film Festival’s sponsors, the San Francisco Public Library.

DVEN founder and CEO Robert Hess

Despite growing public awareness about the myriad issues veterans face upon leaving the military, from difficulties re-integrating into society to managing trauma suffered as a result of their experiences, former members of the military have yet to receive the full scope of support they require. As a result, this has left many men and women effectively stranded without the resources that may help them lead fulfilling lives after they have concluded their service.

DVEN Founder and CEO Robert Hess states, “This will be a very valuable event for veterans dealing with PTSD and issues around re-integrating into the civilian world. It took me, personally, over 30 years to come to grips with my experiences. I encourage all veterans and their families to explore these wonderful films. Then, be certain to explore the many resources available from the VA and other organizations."

Raising public awareness, however, is only the The Veterans Film Festival’s secondary purpose. As their title implies, the festival is actually geared to focus heavily on providing veterans a forum in which they can express themselves safely as well as listen to each other’s stories. Organizations that work in this field, such as DVEN and the Veterans Administration, create such forums in the hope that veterans may use them to find a community in which they feel they belong — particularly one where they may continue to heal.

Veterans and their families are both welcome to attend the film festival, as are members of the public who wish to educate themselves on the subject. Attendees may expect to see films such as Minor Accident of War (directed by Diane Weis & Piotr Kabat), Broken Service (directed by Chris Guiral), ASHES (directed by Jiuxun Jin), Mirage (directed by Kay Barnes) and more.

While many resources are available for veterans who require aid across the US, these programs vary greatly in suitability and availability. According to DVEN, they consider it their mission to, “identify veteran organizations that are providing genuine support to the veteran community and provide monetary support to those programs.” This is an invaluable service, given that many organizations may offer help but actually exist to take advantage of the vulnerable, collecting funds without providing any tangible or useful resources in return. DVEN’s website offers a list of organizations they have found that do provide essential support (as well as a list of those that fail to live up to their claims).

As DVEN proudly states on their website, they seek, “To make a meaningful difference in the lives of our Nation’s disabled veteran community by providing information and resources to increase their safety and independence and to enable them to have the best possible quality of life.” Today, they help disabled veterans all over the country find reliable resources for dealing with PTSD, cancer and other healthcare issues.

Those who wish to attend the San Francisco Veterans Film Festival are encouraged to get their free tickets online today. Robert Hess and the team at DVEN may be contacted for further details as well. Similarly, more information and resources are available at the following link:


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